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Sean’s Vtech Laptop

Sean got an early Christmas gift from my sister – his ninang – when she came home for a one month vacation. She gave him Vtech’s My Laptop with 30 activities designed to develop minds. The 30 engaging activities covers language, maths, games and music.

Sean’s Vtech Laptop

We bought Sean his first laptop last year – a Bilingual Power Notebook – but he seldom uses it because it is meant for older kids. It covers addition with high numbers involved, fraction, algebra, anagram, scrambled word, and other features. We only used it to test his number and letter recognition.

Vtech’s My Laptop is a colourful laptop with a magic detachable mouse. It is suitable for 3-6 years old.

Developmental Benefits

  • Basic Math Skills – Teaches number recognition and basic counting skills.
  • Language Development – Learn to recognize upper and lower case letters, alphabet and basic words.
  • Visualization and Memory – Helps to develop logical thinking, visualization skills and left and right differentiation
  • Hand/Eye Co-ordination – Mouse training helps children to improve their control of the special detachable mouse.

Sean loves his new laptop and uses it often. Now he can use it independently. Sometimes we would tease him and press a wrong answer on a certain activity. He would tell us it’s wrong, then he would show us the right key to be pressed.
Sean’s laptop

Sean’s laptop

7 thoughts on “Sean’s Vtech Laptop

  1. hi amor, my kids have those V tech too.. pero di masyado approve ang sister in law kong teacher about using them using it. anyway, they dont spend too much time naman on them e.. basta lang you need to monitor kasi daw it is the first taste of computer games daw e. anyway, welkam sa WPP 🙂

  2. My husband cant wait to get our son a laptop (hes only 8 weeks!!) He said he wants him to take after his dad of course… being a geek and all… lol.

  3. hi kengkay and Ria, thanks for the visit.

    Oo nga I have to monitor him, or else, baka puro laptop na lang paglaruan nya ha! ha! Everything in moderation talaga dapat.

    Ria, your kids are all adorable!

  4. wow. cool laptop. i also want to buy one for my son this christmas. magkano kaya ito? thanks!

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