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My Destiny

I have long been waiting for someone to truly love me
But I didn’t really look for love, love will look for me,
I was willing to wait then, was not in a hurry
I know in God’s perfect time I will meet my destiny.

Then we met, but I wasn’t aware it will be you
We were chat mates, became friends, but I didn’t have a clue,
That the someone I’ve been waiting for is no one but you
And a new beginning is waiting for us, too.

When you said you love me, I thought you were not serious
‘Coz we barely know each other and I feel so anxious,
I told you bluntly that we can only be friends
There’s nothing more and nothing less.

I did the best I can so you won’t continue
Even told you I am married, which is basically untrue,
Just want to see how you would react on the issue.
If it would be positive then that is the cue.

You didn’t give up, you continued to persuade me
So I stopped fabricating that silly story
I became honest right then so you would know me deeply,
The real me is all I want you to see.

You’re sincere enough to tell me everything about you
You’re sweet and kind, you have a good sense of humor too,
I realized am beginning to fall in love with you
I can hardly wait to tell you, I love you too!

I have found my true love that I’ve long been waiting
You are my love forever, my honey, my darling,
Now that we are married, isn’t it convincing?
That you are my destiny, and you are my everything!


Written on October 11, 2002 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 6:55 PM, Posted in Poems

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13 thoughts on “My Destiny

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  2. great poem, amor! kinilig naman ako. hehe.

    i used to write poems a lot when i was in highschool. pero ngayon hindi na…bakit kaya ganun? the last time i wrote a poem was when i gave birth in 2006. tapos wala na…pag ata ang tao tumatanda na e tumatabang! lol. one day, i’ll try to write one again…thanks for sharing!

    Honney´s last blog post..Beautiful in my eyes

    • Thank you, hehe. Ganun din ako Honney, noong HS at college, pero habang tumatanda parang wala na. The last time I wrote din ay noong 2006, para naman kay Sean. 🙂

  3. AWESOME poem. WOW, from the beginning almost to the end its pretty much identical to my life. The difference is that we have not married yet =)…I’m still working on it.


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