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I’ll Always Love You

I know I don’t always say it
But when I do, I really mean it
I loved you then, I love you still
‘Till the end I always will.

Only Heaven knows if we are meant to be
Even if not, nothing will change in me
As days go by, we have to wait and see
‘Till the day comes when you and I becomes ‘we’.

In my heart there’ll be no other
As I have promised myself to love you forever
I’ll be with you through any weather
Whatever happens, I’ll forget you never.

My love for you will forever be true
It will never end even if the world is through,
If we’re not meant to be, my life will be blue
‘Coz there’s no one else for me but you.


Written on February 18, 1997 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Posted in Poems

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2 thoughts on “I’ll Always Love You

  1. omg this is da best poem!!!!
    i read this to my boyfriend and told him it was about me
    and him,he almost starting cryin