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Never Meant to Be

The first time I saw you
I never thought I would have a crush on you,
Until the day I had that feeling
I like you is what I am saying.

Then I knew you had a crush on me
That’s flattering and I felt so happy,
That I thought it would be you and me
Time will come and we are meant to be.

You sent me a love letter
Mentioning what you feel about me,
And then my heart beat faster
When I knew you love me.

Few days later I replied to your letter
Not to tell you I feel the same way,
But to say we’re too young and to take things slower
In those words, were you discouraged?

Then I knew you’re courting someone new
And I heard you won her heart too
Honestly it strikes me ‘coz it hurts
Because then I thought it would be me and you.

And now what I should do
Is to forget someone like you,
Worry not I won’t waste my tears on you
Never to a weak and insincere you.

Now I am happy I did not give in to my feelings,
I have to thank my self for what I did
Because if you had been my boyfriend
I would have punished my self for being stupid.


Written on May 21, 1994 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Posted in Poems

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