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Yes I loved you for so long
But it’s unfair ‘coz you’ve never been strong,
You’re so weak, can’t resist temptation
Now it’s over and there’ll be no more reconciliation.

I was a fool ‘coz I believed all your lies
And when I knew the truth, I felt I’ll die,
If only you told me, I could have accepted it
Now it’s too late and I really can’t take it.

What have I done that made you deceive me?
What would I do? Nothing but let things be,
It’s hard to accept that you’ve done this to me
I’ll always feel the pain of the knife that stabbed me.

For the two of us, it’s all over
But I still don’t know when will I recover
The fact that you deceived me, I can forget it never
All the heartaches you gave me, I will take it forever.


Written on July 8, 1996 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 7:17 PM, Posted in Poems

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