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Dear Jesus

Sorry Dear Jesus for whatever bad things I’ve done
And for not doing what’s right although I can
I am so sorry oh merciful One
My Lord and my God Thy will be done.

I know You have long forgiven me
You died on the cross to set me free
For all my sins, because You love me
Thanks Dear Jesus for saving me.

You are my Lord, my Shepherd, my Savior
You have shown me love that’s unconditional and pure
With You beside me, I feel so secure
There’ll be no problem I can not endure.

Everything happens according to Your plans
And you never left me, not even once
You’re always with me in every instance
My prayers to You bridge our distance.

You are just a prayer away
To all those who went astray
Your lines never get busy
So we need not worry.

Thank You Dear Jesus for this day
Cover us with your most holy precious blood everyday
To keep us safe and away from danger everyday
I love You Dear Jesus, thanks for leading me the way.


Written on August 16, 2003 by Amor

Updated on March 6th, 2010 at 3:41 AM, Posted in Poems

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5 thoughts on “Dear Jesus

  1. Thank you so much…

    Dear Jesus makes me feel alive again despite the hardship i'm facing right now.

    when I read it i just felt that the Lord is beside me and He will never leave me on this struggle.

    thank you so much again… God Bless and more power!