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The Love that I’ve Lost

You were there but I took you for granted
‘Coz I was confused then and you’re not what I wanted,
In your love proposal, I was not interested,
For I thought someone like you can never be trusted.

Leave me alone is one of those I always say
And also forget me and get out of my way,
For me you’re a nuisance and you’re worsening my day,
That when you come near me I always say, nay!

My feelings of hesitation only became intense
To find out if you’re real makes me so suspense,
To think you’re fooling me, I feel so incense,
So I kept on telling you, you’re not making any sense.

At last time came when you stopped seeing me
But how come I felt that I am lonely,
When I should be glad ‘coz that’s what I want it to be
Is it because of your love, I was to blind to see?

Now I realized it is your love that I lost
And it makes my feelings get even worst,
How come I feel in love with the one I ignored most,
Now my heart aches, and I know am the one who caused.

If only I knew I’ll fall in love with you
Took you for granted would be the least I can do,
Now I am afraid, it’s to late to let you know,
How I wish I had never let you go.


Written on July 8, 1995 by Amor

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4 thoughts on “The Love that I’ve Lost

  1. I really loved this poem it reminded me of myself and how I lost that love …the person I ignored the most and felt the same exact way…Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

  2. ang ng friendster nilagay ko na ung code ayaw pa rin tapos ng ni check
    ko ang edit profile=costumize wala na dun yung code…

    nice poem!!!
    98 out of 100

    Thumbs Up!!!

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