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I’ll be Over You

I can no longer call you mine
As we have come to the end of the line,
Don’t worry, I will just be fine,
For tomorrow, the sun will also shine.

Forgetting, I know it is hard
But I choose it ‘coz now am tired,
I’ve been a one-man woman all these years,
And yet my reward is nothing but tears.

Sorry, but I can’t hold on much longer
‘Coz your feelings is not growing stronger,
Don’t expect me to be loyal still,
I will be over you, I know and I will.

In our situation, there’s nothing more to expect
‘Coz the more I do the more hurt I get,
Now, what I should do is wake up and forget,
Goodbye my friend, thank you and no regrets.


Written on August 10, 1999 by Amor

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