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Just a Dream

You were once a dream, a fantasy
That would never become a reality,
Never thought there would come a time
That your path will someday cross with mine.

Never in my wildest imagination
Had I ever thought of sharing my love with you,
For as brief as that period was
That was the most exhilarating period of my life.

But as the happy days passed by
Some good things really never last,
Something wicked went on between us
When I knew you really didn’t care.

You were the reason that drifted us apart
But, even if you hurt me
And never really meant to love me
I had loved you then, surely I did.

But now, I am perfectly sure
My feelings isn’t the same anymore,
That though you want to come back
I will never let you near my heart.


Written on August 24, 1993 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Posted in Poems

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