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My Greatest Crush

October twenty four nineteen ninety two
I attended seminar where you’re one of the crew,
I told my friends I have a crush on you
‘Coz for me you’re only one in a few.

Then to my new friend I humbly requested
To ask you if you’re already married,
You said you are, but I was not affected
Ever since I met you, that what was I expected.

October twenty five, the day that never was
You, my friends and I were riding on a school bus,
When my friends revealed, to you I have a great crush
When you looked at me, I can’t help but cry and blush.

I cried so hard because of embarrassment
While my friends laughed because of excitement,
They didn’t know by that time I felt melted
I can’t believe my feelings had been revealed.

You came near me and touched my shoulder
Saying not to mind those who were there,
I can’t look straight ‘coz you’re now aware
That to you, Sir Ed, I do really care.

November fourteen was our seminar graduation
And I gave you a card to write some dedication,
When I read it, it catches most of my attention
When I was through, can’t help but burst my emotion.

Dear Amor, oh my gosh! what a cute beginning
As I read your message I know I was crying,
I never thought you were so understanding
To comprehend what I am feeling.

“Dear Amor, I was once a teenager like you
I understand what you feel,
But that is only temporary
Concentrate on your studies and take care”.

Now I thank you for being so honest
And for not taking advantage of my feelings,
I will always remember someone like you
Thanks for being part of my high school life.


Written on November 14, 1994 by Amor

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