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Confession of a Broken Heart

If you’ll look at me, you’ll see me smiling
Maybe I am just too good to hide something,
But look closer you will see I am hurting,
Look straight into my eyes, and you’ll know what’s missing.

I may be happy in my outside appearance
In all the happenings, I may have complete attendance,
‘Coz I don’t want to feel the pain, no not even once,
So I keep myself busy with the net, the song and the mambo dance.

Yes, I am in pain because of a past relationship
That have started to sink like that of a titanic ship,
We are now just friends, though the feelings are still deep,
I didn’t want to feel the pain, ‘coz it will make me weep.

I don’t have to broadcast that my heart is in trouble
‘Coz the more person knows the pain will also double,
Don’t want to talk about it, as much as possible,
I might as well cry, and it will be terrible.

Now I am keeping myself busy looking for a new prospect
Finding someone to love is now my target,
My decision to let go am sure I won’t regret
‘Coz it’s over now and I know I can forget.


Written on February 20, 2000 by Amor

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