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Give Me a Chance

I know I said that I was leaving
Because for you I’m no longer caring,
But that was an act of self-deceiving
‘Coz the truth is, you’re still my everything.

Thinking of all what we had before
I want to say let us try once more,
Give me a chance, don’t close your door
I’m here knocking, and kneeling on the floor.

I think of a way to let you know I was wrong
And to beg you to come back to where you belong,
I am now here, willing to swallow my pride
Because it’s hurting me so much deep inside.

I was such a kind of fool to doubt you
That all you said, and all you did weren’t true,
Now I’m here giving the best that I could do
To win back your love so I’ll be out of the blue.

Since I left you, my life had been in vain
Tears on my eyes always fall like rain,
Without you here, I’ll probably be insane
Please come back to me, I love you just the same.


Written on March 25, 1995 by Amor

Updated on November 22nd, 2008 at 7:21 PM, Posted in Poems

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