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Set You Free

I can’t count how many times we’ve hurt each other
If we have a gap it really makes me bother,
But as one says sorry the fight is over,
After misunderstanding we still end up together.

We fight as if we’re still teenager
You won’t talk to me, I won’t speak to you either
I even ask myself if our feelings are still there
If it is, why do we always hurt each other?

Sometimes I get tired of all these misunderstanding
That I want to dare you, I’ll put an end to everything,
It will strike me, it will leave my heart aching
‘Coz it seems that our story won’t have a happy ending.

Perhaps it’s about time to set each other’s free
And we just have to let things be,
It’s hard to leave you ‘coz you’ve been a part of me,
But I have to accept, if we’re not meant to be.

Although I love you still I have to go
It’s the only way to stop hurting you,
It will take time for me to forget I know,
Because in my heart I loved only you.

June 27, 1996

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2 thoughts on “Set You Free

  1. God is love…
    love will always find a way
    and God knows what your heart really desires

    Take care and keep smiling

  2. thank you for making me feel better with your poems.

    im hurt rigth now, but i know it won't take long for me to accept the reality that it is over between us.