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If Only

Our relationship has come to its end
And what is left is a broken heart to mend,
It’s over but I still find it hard to comprehend
If only my feelings is gone with the wind.

It would take time for me to find someone new
‘Coz I know it would be long to get over you,
Your memories make me feel empty, crazy and blue
How I wish we have the same point of view.

Loving you, I don’t know if I was smart
But I’m deeply sure; you’re the one in my heart,
I gave you your choices right from the start
What have you done, why we are now apart?

Now that it’s over, it’s about time to move on
And hope someday, we’ll find someone to call our own,
If only forgetting is as easy as soon
I wouldn’t be lonely as I look at the moon.


Written on February 11, 1999 by Amor

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