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Hard to Say Goodbye

I hate to say it ‘coz it’s hard to say goodbye
Tears are fallin’ but this is my last to cry,
Eventhough it hurts, there’s no other way to try
We couldn’t make it so it should be goodbye.

Our system, I’m sick and tired of it
Taking me for granted I do not deserve it,
You hardly give me attention even just a minute
I can no longer take it, ‘coz you’re down to my limit.

You know that this is not what I wanted
But more than often, you’re taking me for granted,
I feel that I am rejected
With me, are you no longer interested?

Our yesterday will only be a lonely memory
Like a moving silence of a deep blue sea,
It’s hard to accept, but it is the reality
That what we had is now a history.


Written on November 12, 1996 by Amor

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