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It’s Over Now

Goodbye, how many times did we say goodbye?
Now that it’s for good, I can’t help but cry,
Those memories of you really make me sigh
Our relationship failed and you’re the reason why.

Now it’s over and things will never be the same
Maybe I also have my self to blame,
Don’t know if it’s destiny that’s keeping us apart
It’s affecting me, giving me a broken heart.

It’s sad to think of a future we can never share
What we had is over, and isn’t it unfair?
After all these years of being loyal and true
This is what I will get, heartache and being blue?

But I’d rather choose to be hurt this way
Than to feel the pain I will bear someday,
Goodbye to you, now this is for good
I will forget you, I know I could.


Written on May 18, 1998 by Amor

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