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I am contemplating whether I should post this or not. But obviously I’ve made up my mind as I am blogging about it now.

Some of my all time favorite songs have the word Fall or Fallen in the title. “Fallen” by Janno Gibbs, “I’ve Fallen for You” by Jaime Rivera, “The Next Time I Fall” by Peter Cetera w/ Amy Grant and “How can I Fall” by Breathe. Little did I know that I will fall literally.

I have a bruise similar to thisI had a misfortune last Friday. I lost my balance and fell off on the two flights of  stairs. I fell down and hit the ground. Ouch! It was so sudden, I don’t remember how I fall. I just found myself on the ground. For a while, my mind went blank.

All I remember was Sean and I were in SM (outside) and we will be crossing the street. He was running to the other side so I grabbed his hand. I didn’t notice that I was on the edge of the step, I lost my balance and down I go.

I looked at Sean, glad he didn’t fall. He was crying maybe because he was afraid of the whole thing. I couldn’t get up yet coz I felt so heavy, heavier than the usual me. Eventually I felt pains everywhere, on my knees, foot, ankle and my right leg. I can take the pain so I didn’t cry even though I am a self confessed ‘iyakin.’ It took me more than a minute to get up and compose myself. I asked Sean if he was hurt, he said no… and changed his mind, “just a little”. I pacified him and dried his tears. There, I couldn’t help it anymore. I started sobbing. I couldn’t control my tears. I cried because nobody helped us. I felt helpless. There were about 15 or more bystanders there. But they were just looking at us as if we were on a show. As if they’re just watching tv.

Did I expect them to help me while I was on the ground? Somehow I expected to see at least one good samaritan. But there’s none. A male student passed by just one or two steps away from me, but I think he was blind, coz he didn’t see me. Deadma sa earth. Maybe he thought I did that on purpose, lying on the ground that is. Haha.

Seriously, it took few more minutes before I stopped self-pitying. I would admit I was angry to those who just stood there and did nothing. I thought it was human nature to help others. Hell, I was wrong.  Not all humans have natural willingness to help.  I just experienced that.

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26 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. Oh no too bad, hoping for an immediate recovery..tsk first I thought ikaw yung nasa image then suddenly nakita ko balbon yung arm haha crackin jokes lang hehe.

    Hi Amor.

  2. Tot ikaw na yung nasa image. ^_^
    minsan nakakatawa na u were expectin' something from someone who never really cares unless they're the one in need.

  3. how sad naman. ok lang yung nadulas ka. kasi lampa ako so i understand. pero yung no one helped you? that's so sad. pero hope you are okay na po. next time super duper ingat na lang po. and i'm glad na di nasaktan si sean.