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Green Green Grass of Home

No it’s not about the green, green grass of home sung By Tom Jones but about the thick and green grass I dream of having in our yard, haha!

A friend recently sent us a picture with her family. Aside from her two adorable kids, what caught my attention was the picture’s wonderful backdrop, a well-maintained lawn and the colorful flowers. I remembered commenting on another friend’s blog how I adore houses with big yard and garden. If only I can afford to have one, haha! I also don’t have a green thumb as some of the flowers I sow, started to die one by one, ouch!

Anyway, my sister is building a house in our birthplace and part of the plan is to have a big yard, with landscape and a porch. That will be our vacation house. I asked for my friend’s tips on how was she able to maintain her lawn. She said she just leave it to the expert in lawn care as they control weeds and insects while nourishing your lawn to help it grow thick and green. No wonder, she said people would sometimes stop to look at her yard and landscaping. 🙂

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