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Bad Trip

I was kinda bad trip and really annoyed few days ago. I wasn’t able to access this website. My domain expired. No, not because I wasn’t able to pay Php 500 for 1 year renewal. I actually deposited my payment on August 6 and emailed my webhost about it right away.

I didn’t receive any reply, but I just took it for granted, until August 9 when I’m not receiving any emails. When I checked my website, it’s still online, and I was still able to log-in to my account. But when I visited my subdomain for a website i am redesigning, it says the domain is parked, pending renewal or has expired. So I submitted a ticket again informing them that I already emailed them the payment details. Still I did not receive any reply.

August 10, my site is completely offline. All I see is the damn “domain is parked blah blah”. I emailed my webhost again, I tried to call them on the number in their website but found out that they are accepting calls from 9-6pm only. And that was already 7PM. I tried to contact the owner through his cellphone number which I saved 4 years ago, but sadly it seems that he’s no longer using that number. I am so disappointed that this had to happen. How come? I already paid them!!! Grrr!!!

I was so bad trip that if I had my way, I wanted to transfer to other webhost. But I already paid in advance… sayang naman…

After few minutes I received a call from an unregistered number. My webhost’s owner is on the line. He said that his staff forwarded my email to him. He said they can’t verify my payment because I forgot to include which PNB branch did I deposit the payment. From their bank records there had been 3 clients who paid same amount on that day. I acknowledged that I made a mistake, I was kinda stupid for not stating which PNB branch and what time, (I only emailed them the branch name, date and amount) but I told him, if that’s the case then, his staff should have replied and asked me the missing details which I forgot nga diba? How hard is it to do that? Di sana umabot sa ganito. Ayan tuloy nangyari sa akin. Buti na lang din, the owner who’s my kababayan is sincere, kind and easy to deal with.

This is my 4th year in my webhost, had some minor problems before, but this is the major one. It could have been avoided if only their customer support staff responded earlier and informed me of my ‘shortcomings’. Dun lang naman talaga ako na bad trip. 😀

Anyway, that’s water under bridge now. I am still staying with them for as long as it takes. They have the cheapest webhosting package, 200MB webspace and 5GB bandwith for only Php50/month and offers superior hosting features.

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