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Creative Farmville and Facebook T-Shirts

We were in the mall the other day when Sean saw a lady wearing Farmville T-shirt. I so love to have Farmville logo t-shirt so I approached her and asked where she bought it. Unfortunately she doesn’t know coz it was just given to her by a friend.

My friends Jan Geronimo, Zorlone, and Melody suggested that I design my own Farmville T-shirt and have it printed. I thought about that too! Why not diba. Hope I can do it.

I googled for some Farmville t-shirts online. Which design do you like?

Farmville Girl T-shirt






Farmville Tee

Last week I saw this Farmville design shirt from Rocky. I like the tagline “Mag-Farmville ay di biro maghapong nakaupo“. Why? Coz somehow I can relate! 😀


Obviously I’m hooked in Facebook. I log in to Facebook several times a day, Facehooked indeed.


I have a life on Facebook T-shirt

Friend request denied. Reminds me of my previous post haha.


Next time I will post about Creative Twitter T-Shirts.

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