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On Facebook Comment and Like Privacy

Please don’t hover over my name and spread this Facebook hoax. 😛

“To all my contacts, friends, I request you that with the recent changes in FB, now one can see things from people who are not in your contacts list. Just because a contact of yours makes a comment or “likes” in some activity of that person. I do not want people to contact me, and would like that they donot read and see all my comments and stuff. but I can not change this myself because facebook has configured it this way. But you can do it for me.

PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (do not click), a window will appear and move the mouse on “Friends”; (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. Click “Comments and Like” and it would thereby remove the CHECK. By doing this my activity amongst my friends does not become public. A Thousand Thanks! Paste this on your wall for your contacts, if you care about your privacy! =)”

Hovering over a friend’s name and unsubscribing comments and likes in your news feed has nothing to do with your privacy. You will not only see the likes and comments in the ticker and news feed.

Although you can control who sees your own posts (set to friends only or certain list only), you can not control the privacy of the posts you’re commenting on, as it is controlled by the poster or the person who wrote the post.

FB post privacy

If you are commenting or liking a public post, your comment or like will be public too, obviously. Likewise if you are commenting to a friend’s post whose privacy is set to friends of friends, then your comment and like will be visible to your friends and to strangers too.

If you would like to keep your Facebook posts, likes and comments as private as you wish, it’s only YOU who can do it. You can keep the privacy of your posts by setting it to friends only, by doing this, your activity amongst your friends does not become public. Make it also a habit to always check who can see the privacy of the posts you want to like or comment on. The sharing icon on the lower right of the post will tell you how the post is shared. Limit your comments/like to public posts or posts that are set to friends of friends.

via Facebook Privacy: Don’t Hover Over My Name, Do This Instead.

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