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Reunited with Friends thru Friendster

It’s nice to be reunited with old friends again. And I have to thank Friendster for that. I was able to re-connect with former classmates in high school and college, with my co-faculty, former students, with relatives and other family members abroad, and other people who were part of my past.

Been in Friendster since December 2003. I could hardly remember how I discovered it. Must have read it in forums before, and so I tried. My first notion was to search for long lost friends, using their full names. Excited to see familiar faces, I added them right away and send some message.

But I do feel frustrated when I search for certain names and don’t see them, maybe they’re not using friendster yet, at that time. I also check my friends’ profile once in a while to read some updates and view some of their pics. I do view their friends’ list to see who’s in there, who knows the old friends I am just searching for weeks now is already in their list, diba?

Just recently I searched for my old friends, used some specific keywords such as my hometown and the schools I’ve attended, and was glad to see them in Friendster finally. Now we have constant communication.

I’m still searching for other friends I have lost contact with. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see them in Friendster one of these days.

What I didn’t like about Friendster’s search feature is that you have to choose a specific country. How I wish the user will just have an option to click whether the search is applicable to all countries and not just on a specific country. This is especially important if you don’t know the current location of the person you’re searching. You don’t have to select every country in the drop down menu list hoping to be able to find someone.

Of all the social networking around, I prefer Friendster over those that I already tried. I have account in Myspace, Hi-5, SMS.AC, etc., which I visit once in a blue moon. I also joined Yahoo 360 last year.

I’ve seen some beautiful Friendster profile that uses overlays. I did try it just this week to see how it would work on my profile. I pasted my website’s index page into the overlay generator and pasted the generated code to Friendster’s Media Box. Just after my profile was loaded, my website’s home page appeared immediately, right inside Friendster, and I find it nice huh! There’s also a *hack* where you can view who’s viewing your profiles anonymously.

But I had to remove the overlays when I saw it’s working, it’s not that I don’t like it, I even said it’s nice, it’s just that I want to use a different template for my friendster profile. I don’t know when I will be using the overlays again. I have to make a new WordPress template first. Huh! I don’t really know what I would do first, new WP template or Friendster template? I’m confused that I might end up not doing anything at all. Besides am also busy with my very energetic and very active 26 month old baby Sean and other stuff.

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