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Friendster Spam Message

Have you received a message from any of your friends in Friendster with the title Hola, Letting You Know and New Friendster App to name a few? Well, don’t open it. I bet your friends are not even aware they sent you such messages.

I miss you ,
I hope you miss me as much as i miss you.
Check out my friendster cam profile…

I haven’t talked you in a long time,
How are you doing?
Check out my friendster cam profile…

My first notion was not to open the link because I smell something fishy. But for the hard-headed me, I thought what if my friend just want to share it? What if it’s not really spam? So I clicked it! When I saw that I was being redirected to a different URLwith blackbook and 3Xs, I immediately closed the browser before it loads the site. I already guessed where that link is leading me. I should have listened to myself when I said I should not click it. Silly, stubborn me!

As of today, I received 5 or more similar messages from 3 different profiles. I just wonder how ‘they’ sent those messages. We’re they infected with whatever virus? What if “I am” sending others with the same messages too?

13 thoughts on “Friendster Spam Message

  1. Your definitely right not to open it but you did, friendster is just like an open book, because of that your personal information is not safe….or maybe we can say that there is no safe place in this world even in the four corners of our home…so be careful! ciao 😉

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  2. @Nilo, kaso nga ang tigas ng ulo ko, kahit sarili ko di ko pinakinggan, haha!

    @Reynz, sure your Highness, wait, puntahan ko site mo later para makita ko kung anong kaguluhan yan, haha! Sure boat kita, ikaw pa!

    @Jessie, korek ang dami ngang spam dun. Pero ang classic sa akin ay yung tungkol kay Allan Smith(?) na ide-delete daw ang account mo pag hindi mo i-post. Kahit nakalagay na sa Friendster FAQ na hoax yun, hanggang ngayon may nagsesend pa rin nun.:D

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    Friendster Spam Message

  3. Amor, parang di pa ako nakatanggap ng ganitong email from friendster. Hehee, lahat ng nag-invite sa kin ng mga apps ay di binuksan. Ang mga spammers talaga oo, di hihinto kapag di nagwawagi.

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  4. Jessie: haha! big bucks na nga kinikita mo sa blogging eh! 🙂

    Marlene: good for you kung hindi ka nakakareceive ng ganyang email from Friendster. Ako rin deadma sa apps invites na yan.

    Amor’s last blog post…
    Friendster Spam Message

    • Hi Stephen. No I don’t have any solution to stop those SPAM. I can’t stop it if it’s from Friendster. Just don’t visit the link, ignore and delete. Friendster may have done something about it already. I haven’t received any SPAM since July. 🙂

      • I sent several e-mails to the They did help me to stop this. The reason for this
        Friendster SPAM e-mail is their registration system leak . Anyone can use any e-mail(real/fake) for registration in the Friendster web site. However, they DON’T REQUIRE ANY E-MAIL VERIFICATION/VALIDATION. So, someone use my e-mail address to register Friendster. Then, I’m the one who kept receiving those Friendster e-mails.

        • I tried to search for your email add in friendster and found someone with the name hktatsu ay. If you didn’t register yourself, maybe you can still do something to delete that account. 🙂