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Friends in Friendster

I haven’t logged into Friendster for almost a month now. I was kinda disappointed the last time because when I was sending Christmas Graphic Message/Comments to my friends and relatives, all I see is a blank page, and the message done in the Status Bar. But when I refresh and preview the page, there was no comment or any message submitted at all. I tried sending to different friends several times, but still the problem continued, so I gave up. Maybe that was the time when Friendster was updating, upgrading their system.

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I’ll be logging into Friendster later, because when I opened my email a while ago, there were 2 pending friend requests. One from my elementary classmate and friend, and the other one, from my former student in ACSAT Baliuag, who happened to be the smartest in his class. I also received some comments and messages I haven’t read yet, another reason for me to login to Friendster after a long time.

I am pleased that I was able to reunite with my friends, classmates, colleagues and students through Friendster. I am really glad to see people that I have lost contact with. Without Internet and Friendster in particular, I wonder if our path would ever cross again.

3 thoughts on “Friends in Friendster

  1. fren,

    friendster spams are everywhere nowadays. i hope di ka nai-spam ngayon. sa inbox ng viewers ko, as of yesterday, eh mga 20 na. grr!! i’m not sure what’s wrong with them.

  2. buti naman di pa ako nai-spam. Pero dun sa isang group na kasali ako, ang daming spam sa announcement. Pag in-open mo nman yung profile nung member na nagpost, nakalagay banned na. Tapos after few days may bagong member na naman na magpo-post. Kaya ayun, ginawa ko ng restricted yung membership. Ang hirap kaya mag-erase ng spam no, nakakasawa, kasi sa friendster, isa isa pag delete. 🙁

  3. The Friendster site is getting crazy LOLs..sometimes rin di ako makaopen mag eerror sya LOLS..
    kayo rin pala naka encounter ng mga ganitong problems.
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