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My Best Friend’s Wedding

I attended my high school best friend’s wedding yesterday. We were classmates from 2nd year to 4th year.  Archie and Jen were not an ‘item’ before, they’re not even close to each other. Who would have thought they would end up together?

On 2007 we planned a get-together party in IO Family KTV along Jupiter Street in Makati. Archie was telling me then she likes Jen, and I said why not? She’s pretty and kind and they’re both single and available. They started dating after that and as we all say, the rest is history.

the newly weds - My best friend Archie and wife, Jen

The newlyweds, Archie and Jennifer Villamor

They’re both working in Singapore, Jen is a registered nurse, and Archie works in Singapore Airlines. 🙂 I told Sean that I’ll be attending my friends’ wedding and that he can’t go because it’s an adult affair. I also told him they’re living in Singapore but they will come here for their wedding.

Sean Said, “Bakit dito sila magpapakasal, wala bang kasal sa Singapore?” I laughed, oo nga naman! So I told him, they want to get married here because their families and friends  are here. Besides, I wont be able to attend if they decided to marry in Singapore. 🙂

Yodi and me at the wedding

With my friend, Annalyn, aka Yodi

10 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. haha. natawa naman ako sa question ng little boy mo! oo nga naman! haha. may point sya dun. congrats sa bestfriend mo. beautiful couple! btw, ang ganda mo sa pic. 😛

  2. Palabiro na may halong sarcasm pala si Sean. 🙂
    Ang galing naman ng story nila, sweet. Congrats and Best Wishes sa kanilang dalawa.

  3. Ate Amor, nakita ko mga pics nyo sa FB. Congrats sa kanila and best wishes. Btw, pag may EB sa 1011, sama ka ha. 😛

    • Thank you Kuya Kiko. Kelan ba magkaka EB sa 1011? Mahiyain pa naman ako sa personal, di lang masyadong halata, 😀