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Please Vote for Nilo Evangelista’s T-shirt Design

Hello friends, I am asking a favor. Please help me help my friend Nilo Evangelista win in the Wheatgrass T-Shirt Design Contest. Voting started on June 1 and will end on June 30. Currently Nilo’s design is on Top 5.

For you to vote you have to sign up first to WheatGrass’ website to be registered.

Log in to your newly opened account and vote for Nilo’s entry by clicking the vote badge link below

You are allowed to vote up to 5 times, so please vote 5 times by clicking it 5 times! 😀

After clicking the vote link, you will read a note that says

“Thank you for voting. Kindly check your email and click the link in our message to verify your vote.”

If you’ve reached 5 votes already it will say “SORRY, MAX VOTE LIMIT REACHED.”

You have to verify your votes by clicking the link sent through the email you used in registering to the site. If you’re using yahoo or google email, check your Spam folder if you’re not receiving any confirmation email. If you voted 5 times, you should be receiving 5 emails for verification of your votes. Don’t forget to confirm your votes by clicking on the specified links, otherwise votes wont be counted and all the efforts will be useless.

Please let us help Nilo grab any of the following prices:

Photo Credit: iheartWheatGrass

Am helping a friend and giving him a favor so that he will give me a favor again by editing my picture. Like what he did on my pic below when he turned the obese me, to sexier anorexic me. 😀 Just kidding Nilo, pero pwede rin,  ehem!

Orginal Obese  Pic

Sexier Me

It’s just an image manipulation by Nilo. As I mentioned in my Kick Ass Blogger Post, he’s a Photoshop ‘doctor’. I asked him if he can make me look anorexic too just like what he did on Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan’s pic. When I visited his site, just few hours after I published that post, I was already featured there… Sexier Amor by request! Ang bilis!

11 thoughts on “Please Vote for Nilo Evangelista’s T-shirt Design

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  2. Maraming maraming salamat Amor sa support! Malaking tulong ito para sa entry ko… mga friends help me to win this contest. Vote for my entry please!

    Manalo man o matalo at least we give our best! At syempre alam ko rin kung sino yung kaibigang pwede kong lapitan. Thank you Amor at sa inyong lahat! Hope we make it.

    • But you have to click the link in the confirmation email for your votes to be counted. I didn't receive mine din. 🙁 I had to call their office pa. They said, they sent the confirmation email daw, baka nasa Spam folder, I said not coz I don't have spam folder in my domain mail. Catch all talaga sya. So sabi nya, if di ko pa rin daw receive, sila na lang daw mag click nung link. I voted 5 times and I had to call them to verify if all my 5 votes were counted already. Kainis ha. Let me now if you still haven't received confirmation email, I'll call them ulit.

      • Akala ko ako lang ang di nakareceive ng confirmation email. Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin. Ni-check ko nga agad sa spam folder ko nang mabasa ko reply mo. Pero wala rin doon. Ok, pakisali na lang din sa name ko. Pag di nila i-count votes natin, lagot sila. 🙂

  3. hi mommy amor. bihira na talaga ako makapag blog. sayang i would be willing to vote for nilo pa nman sana kya lang it's too late… 🙂 next time na the way, ang cute ng anorexic picture mo ha, and the butt!!! hehehe..