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Sim Card Name on Facebook

Saw this Sim Card Name in my Facebook newsfeed today, it says you can find your simcard’s name by typing @[last 3 digit numbers:0] on your wall or through the comment box.

sim card name on facebook

For example if my phone’s last digit is 900 I would type @[900:0] it would come out with the name Greg Van Lear.  How about if my last digit is 437, typing @[437:0] I’ll get Charlene Music. For @[567:0] I’ll get Mike Leonard.

Amazing, isn’t it? But is it for real? Of course not! Those names have nothing to do with your sim card.

That’s because typing @[random number:0] in Facebook would give you the name of the user who has that profile id. Typing @[facebook id:0] would lead you to the user’s full name.

Try @[4:0] and find out whose name will come out. Mark Zuckerberg, yes, the founder of Facebook. His FB id is 4. Check it here –

See? It doesn’t even have to be 3 digits. Those who have 3 digits Facebook ID are those who were first to have FB account. Mine has 15 digits on it, 100000127882828. 🙂

And how about Greg Van Lear, my supposed sim card’s name remember? Hehe! His FB id is 900 check apparently, some profile can only be seen if you’re logged in.

Sim card name on Facebook? Big hoax! It’s entertaining to know what name would come out when we try this, but to believe that it’s true, come on! What do FB knows about your sim card?

Bottom line is, don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. Google is free use it to your advantage.

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