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Computer Eye Strain

It’s quite unusual coz I’ve cut down my online time. I realized I am online most of the time. computer eye strain I’ve been friends with Google, Twitter and Facebook a lot. My computer is open 8-12 hours each day. I’ve been googling, playing online games, downloading, bloghopping, stalking, lurking, coding, ‘photoshopping’, and whatnot, but suddenly I got tired. My eyes are complaining. I had terrible eye strain headaches every now and then. Also suffered blurred vision and dry eyes. Seems like it’s telling me to rest from my internet addiction.

Too much computer and lack of sleep, see? I’ve been too abusive to my eyes! They said that every once in a while we should give our eyes a break and look away from the computer for a few minutes or so. But why do I always forget that whenever I’m too engrossed online?

Cutting down my time online is my only option. I’ve completely quit gaming on Facebook. Haven’t played Farmville and Cafe World for more than 2 or 3 weeks already. I rehabilitated myself from that ‘addiction’ haha. For one straight week I slept earlier, something I haven’t done in a long time.

Now everytime I use the computer, I wear my multi-coated eyeglasses. And of course, rest my eyes after few minutes. Never had headaches since then.

But here I go again, I have to admit I slept late last night coz I missed reading a lot of blog posts.

How about you guys, did you ever had eye strain and headaches caused by too much computer?

23 thoughts on “Computer Eye Strain

  1. im guilty of the same thing. hehe including stalking 🙂 and like you i have to cut back on my online time as well.

  2. As a Systems Administrator, I used to work infront of my computer 7 hours/day. Its been 2.7 years now. I was also addicted to games, I used to play DOTA after office. Hahaha see kung gano ako kaadik sa PC? Not only that, sa hauz I used to check my mails pa pala and facebook coz oppening social networking sites is not allowed on our network, Admin ako kaya dapat ako ang unang tumupad hahaha… Same lang tayo, madlas din sumasakit ang eyes ko until now, minsan nga nakikita ko nalang nakabukol na yung mga ugat ko sa may bandang eyebrows, kinabahan nga ako nung minsan eh. I have my eyeglasses but hindi ko na siya sinusuot. Feeling ko kasi naduduling ako lalo eh.
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    • Ito ang hirap ng laging nakaharap sa computer ano? Di ko rin ginagamit ang eyeglass ko dati pero since lagi ng sumasakit eyes ko lately, di na pwedeng di ko sya suot kapag nasa computer ako.

      Thanks for the visit. 🙂