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Facebook Removes Stalker Applications

BBC reported about Facebook Removing Stalker Applications and that they are “aggressively disabling” applications that claim to allow users to see who has been viewing their profile.

In a statement, Facebook said

“Don’t believe any applications that claim they can show you who’s viewing your profile or photo. They can’t.”

Obviously, these bogus applications were created to make some cash through advertising revenue.

Last month while I was browsing my News Feed, I saw a link about the Top 10 Friends who views your profile. Intrigued with that apps, I clicked and allowed it to access my information. To my surprise it started ‘writing’ on my 10 Friends’ wall saying “You’re viewing my profile. Your rank: 2, blah…. blah”

I wasnt even asked if I want it to be posted on my Friends’ wall! I deleted the generated wall posts immediately, crossing my fingers that those friends wont be able to read it. I thought I was quick enough. Few seconds later, I received an email from a friend, who happened to be online at that time. Shocks!  She’s asking why she’s on the Top 10 list when she haven’t viewed my profile yet??!!. Ouch! So I apologized and told her what happened. And we just laughed it off.

Just two weeks ago, I received this tag,

who checked=

I don’t remember viewing her profile on that day or week but I did comment on her wall post once. I wonder why it’s counted as viewing profile already.

I don’t like these kinds of apps coz they’re not accurate! And why do they have to rank and list them and publish on the wall? Can’t it just be ‘between you and me?’ Just like in Friendster, you can view who’s viewing your profile but you’re the only one who can see it. Not unless you’re viewing profiles anonymously.

I do check my friends’ profile once in a while. What’s wrong with that? I even check my non-friends’ profile, hehe! I view pending friends’ profile first before I accept their request. If their profiles are restricted, I’ll view it again once approved.

If you’re friends with anyone in Facebook, of course that person has access to your profile.  Why would you add me if you don’t want me to view your profile anyway? You can use privacy settings to restrict others from accessing valuable information. For instance, my contact number and address can only be seen by my relatives list.

And since Facebook said these stalker applications doesn’t work, I can view my friends’ profiles to my heart’s content without them knowing it… but hey! now you know! 😀

22 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Stalker Applications

  1. pasaway nga to sis eh…minsan pa i clicked on something, tapos kung anu ano na nangyari..hahaha…kaya nga medjo i'm trying to limit myself muna sa facebook..limit pa lang naman…kaka adik kasi eh..

  2. Amor,

    As of now, marami pa ring friends natin sa facebook, lalo na yung mga mejo, non techie ang nabibiktima ng mga ganitong process. I think, what we can do now is inform them that, those are fakes.

    Your blog post, will help a lot of people para makita and marealize nila na, hindi talaga yun totoo.

    • Posted this in my wall too. Pero marami pa rin ang nabibiktima nito. Sa facebook wall ko may nakikita pa rin ako ng mga who viewed me apps at mga nagjo-join dun sa see who's viewing your profile event. Baka hindi talaga sila aware or gusto lang din nilang itry.

  3. Ang hindi ko kasi maintindihan when you are in a socila networking site like FB then you don’t mind if your "friends" visit your profile while you have know pa. Nakakairita yang mga applications na ganyan kaya hindi ako nagadadd saka ngayun din uso na ang mga kung anonung kaikkikan sa mga pages lahat ng nagbubukas pero hindi mo alam kung sino ang may ari ng pages minsan way lang nila para ma asar at magbully pinagtatawanan ang ibang profile pictures very appropriate.