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Facebook Removes Stalker Applications

BBC reported about Facebook Removing Stalker Applications and that they are “aggressively disabling” applications that claim to allow users to see who has been viewing their profile.

In a statement, Facebook said

“Don’t believe any applications that claim they can show you who’s viewing your profile or photo. They can’t.”

Obviously, these bogus applications were created to make some cash through advertising revenue.

Last month while I was browsing my News Feed, I saw a link about the Top 10 Friends who views your profile. Intrigued with that apps, I clicked and allowed it to access my information. To my surprise it started ‘writing’ on my 10 Friends’ wall saying “You’re viewing my profile. Your rank: 2, blah…. blah”

I wasnt even asked if I want it to be posted on my Friends’ wall! I deleted the generated wall posts immediately, crossing my fingers that those friends wont be able to read it. I thought I was quick enough. Few seconds later, I received an email from a friend, who happened to be online at that time. Shocks!  She’s asking why she’s on the Top 10 list when she haven’t viewed my profile yet??!!. Ouch! So I apologized and told her what happened. And we just laughed it off.

Just two weeks ago, I received this tag,

who checked=

I don’t remember viewing her profile on that day or week but I did comment on her wall post once. I wonder why it’s counted as viewing profile already.

I don’t like these kinds of apps coz they’re not accurate! And why do they have to rank and list them and publish on the wall? Can’t it just be ‘between you and me?’ Just like in Friendster, you can view who’s viewing your profile but you’re the only one who can see it. Not unless you’re viewing profiles anonymously.

I do check my friends’ profile once in a while. What’s wrong with that? I even check my non-friends’ profile, hehe! I view pending friends’ profile first before I accept their request. If their profiles are restricted, I’ll view it again once approved.

If you’re friends with anyone in Facebook, of course that person has access to your profile.  Why would you add me if you don’t want me to view your profile anyway? You can use privacy settings to restrict others from accessing valuable information. For instance, my contact number and address can only be seen by my relatives list.

And since Facebook said these stalker applications doesn’t work, I can view my friends’ profiles to my heart’s content without them knowing it… but hey! now you know! 😀

22 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Stalker Applications

  1. i knew it! never kong inopen or chineck ang application na yan kasi hula ko talaga noon pa na bogus yan.. haha! dami kong friends ang nag-join dyan so madami den akong invites to join.. deneadma ko lahat! tama pala ang hinala ko.. hehe..

    • Maybe you're referring to the event "NOW YOU CAN SEE EVERY 1 WHO VIEWS YOUR PROFILE!!" kasi kailangan ng invitation dyan. I didn't join din.

      Dun naman sa ni-click kong link, I was curious if it really works. Curiosity killed the cat. 🙂

  2. Ay sus, di naman pala totoo mga un. I always have second thoughts signing up for those apps. Kasi once you do, you give them access to your personal profile. Pagkakakwartahan ka pa, see?

    But I love leaving comments on my friends updates. It's fun and makes you feel connected at least online. I don't know if that counts as stalking. Friends nga di ba? 🙂

    • I don't know too why it's called stalking pero sabi sa Urban Dictionary
      "facebook stalking is looking at someones facebook profile and reading their recent news and wall posts. Monitoring another person's facebook life" Siguro for lack of a better term kaya stalking na lang.

  3. yes, I’ve seen those apps

    may mga virus pa nga yung iba.

    di ko pinapansin yung mga yun, di na naman ako interesado kung sino nagvi-view ng profile ko…. baka ma-praning lang ako 🙂

    • Korek, virus nga. Kasi dati ang dami kong nakita na wall post at comment mentioning a certain app that works eh hindi naman daw nila ni-post yun.

  4. I got an invitation before to join the group using this app but I just dead-ma. For me, it doesn’t matter who view my profile. And I don’t need an app to know who are these people. I’m glad FB removed this kind of application.

    • I also received 2 invitations to that event – NOW YOU CAN SEE EVERY 1 WHO VIEWS YOUR PROFILE!! but I didn't join.

      For that app to work you have to join the event, invite at least 50 of your friends and you have to signup and install a toolbar. Too spammy for me tapos mag da-download pa ng toolbar? a big no! Pero ang dami nilang members ha! 1,173,444 as of today.

  5. From the very start naman, these kinds of Facebook apps are fake. So I don't even use it. Kaya nga natatawa ako kapag nakikita ko yung iba kong friends displaying their TOP 10 profile viewers. I told one of my officemates that it's not true kasi nga one time, I ranked number 1 on her list but I didn't view her profile naman. Not even once. Haha. That's when I proved that these apps are fake.

    At saka it doesn't matter naman talaga whoever views our profile. Kasi kaya nga tayo nag-sign up sa Facebook e para makita ng friends natin kung ano ng nangyayari sa atin and vice versa. But it doesn't mean we're stalking them. Last week nga, my husband and I checked our exes profiles. Syempre curious din naman kami kung kumusta na sila after the break up. Haha! Amininmo, totoo yan!

    • Ako naman, I didn't know that those apps are fake coz I have no first hand experience then, but after it happened of course I know na, hehe.

      Ewan ko ba ba't natawag na stalking yun, haha. About checking exes profiles, I wish I can! Meganun Aguilar? Haha. I did try, searched for names, kaso wala eh. Not sure if aware sya na may Facebook pala. 😀

      • Baka taga-outerspace, sis. Haha. Meron pa bang tao sa mundong ito ang walang alam sa social networking sites na gaya ng FB maliban sa lolo’t lola natin? LOL. Btw, nailipat ko na ng host itong blog ko. Ang problema ko na lang yung isa (so-cuddly) kasi one week ng down ang server ng o2g. OMG! Wala pa naman backup posts ko dun. Di ko rin sila ma-contact kasi may install.php error yung client’s page nila. Sigh.

  6. hmmmn… may ganito na rin palang mga aps sa facebook, i’ve already seen this aps also but di naman ako interesado kaya di ko na xa pinindot ng madiin, as in sobrang diin… napakadiin… yung tipong lulubog na yung mouse button, …ahm yung left mouse button… sa kabilang banda namamangha ako sa mga taong may akda ng kalokohan na ito, sa pagkarami-rami ng kailangan nilang isipin sa mundo at sa kanikanilang pansariling pamumuhay… naisipan pa nilang gawin ito.. kamangha-mangha hindi ba? ako kasi basta may isang bagay na hindi ko kayang gawin namamangha ako… like paglambitin sa puno gamit ang buntot hindi ko kaya yun…

    napadaan lang po 🙂 ngiti… isa pang ngiti 🙂 last na ngiti… :))