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Computer Eye Strain

It’s quite unusual coz I’ve cut down my online time. I realized I am online most of the time. computer eye strain I’ve been friends with Google, Twitter and Facebook a lot. My computer is open 8-12 hours each day. I’ve been googling, playing online games, downloading, bloghopping, stalking, lurking, coding, ‘photoshopping’, and whatnot, but suddenly I got tired. My eyes are complaining. I had terrible eye strain headaches every now and then. Also suffered blurred vision and dry eyes. Seems like it’s telling me to rest from my internet addiction.

Too much computer and lack of sleep, see? I’ve been too abusive to my eyes! They said that every once in a while we should give our eyes a break and look away from the computer for a few minutes or so. But why do I always forget that whenever I’m too engrossed online?

Cutting down my time online is my only option. I’ve completely quit gaming on Facebook. Haven’t played Farmville and Cafe World for more than 2 or 3 weeks already. I rehabilitated myself from that ‘addiction’ haha. For one straight week I slept earlier, something I haven’t done in a long time.

Now everytime I use the computer, I wear my multi-coated eyeglasses. And of course, rest my eyes after few minutes. Never had headaches since then.

But here I go again, I have to admit I slept late last night coz I missed reading a lot of blog posts.

How about you guys, did you ever had eye strain and headaches caused by too much computer?

23 thoughts on “Computer Eye Strain

  1. Hi, sis! Pareho pala tayo. Sa bahay halos 24/7 naka-on ang pc ko. Pasilip-silip lang. hehe. Pero there are times na super maghapon ako nasa computer kaya sumasakit din mata at ulo ko. lalo na ngayon, lagi akong puyat kay ayesha. May mga blog tasks kasi na kailangan tapusin. Sayang din ang extra income habang naka-ML ako. hehe.

    • Minsan nag bi-break din naman ako, lalo na kung nagdadownload ng malaking files hehe. Yun nga lang may time talaga na hindi ko napapansin yung oras tipong when I looked at the clock it was only 9pm and when I look again nasa 2am na pala, as in di ko napansin haha. So walang tayuan yun, tutok talaga eyes ko sa computer pag ganun lalo na when I was still playing then, pati pag nag ba-bloghop at nasa Photoshop.

  2. not the eye strain nor the headaches… but the addiction… its a good thing i screwed up my facebook account a couple of months ago… no more mafia, no more farmtown, no more restaurant city… 🙂

    • I can relate with that game addiction, glad am not playing now. I find it strange coz I lost my interest in playing FB games. Unlike dati, sobrang adik talaga, hehe.

  3. I’d have severe headaches if a day passes without me logging into the net. Ahehehe. To rest my eyes, I shut down the computer to watch some television. Do I hear American Idol? 24? Amazing Race?

    Akala mo, pahinga talaga noh?

    Asset natin eyesight natin. Mapupurnada pagkakakitaan pag di natin pinagbuti pagbantay sa health natin. Lalo ka na, dami mo racket. Ahehehe

    • Hehe! I was able to watch movie in HBO and Star Movies nga ulit when I limited my online time for few weeks. Di naman sya masyadong risky sa eyes ko kasi malayo ng konti yung tv screen unlike sa computer monitor na arm's length away lang.

      Racket? Hehe, wala nga eh. The only racket I have is badminton racket, as in! 😀

  4. I also experience eye strain and find it hard to read small word prints. That’s why recently I got myself a Benq G922HDL LCD monitor. At least with a LCD monitor, my eyes won’t be exposed to any emf radiation and suffer eyes fatigue due to the refresh rate of a CRT monitor.

    The common practice to avoid eyestrain (ie. if you cannot cut down ur computer time) is to gaze at far objects after 30 minutes staring on the screen. But since we are so "focus" in our "work, I bet very few of us would practice it . Therefore, I think the LCD monitor is the best solution for me, even though it cannot completely eliminate eye strain and fatigue.

    • I'm also using LCD monitor. 🙂 Using multi-coated lens helped me a lot. If I feel the strain, I just stand up and leave the pc for a while.

      Thanks for the tips and for visiting.

  5. Kailangan mo kayang i-quarantine and computer mo. 🙂
    It’s good that you’re limiting your time online. I also exprerienced the same when I stay longer staring at the PC. Kaya tama lang ang ginawa mo. Ako naman ay hindi naloloka sa Farm-Farm pero kapag nakaharap sa PC ay aabutin din ng madaling araw, hahaa!

    • Hay naku, inaabot na naman nga ako ng madaling araw lately, meron kasi akong hindi matapus- tapos na ginagawa. Buti na lang di na masyado sumasakit eyes ko, dahil lagi ko ng ginagamit yung salamin.

  6. Yea, i felt that too if to much time working in front of computer all day long :D.
    What i usually do is take a -2 minute break, look at further away from computer screen and it work.

    • The problem with me is that I always tend to forget I should take a break away from the monitor. But that was before.

  7. grabe relate ako d2, headache ovverr talaga.. di ko alam sobrang 12 hours tutok din ako sa computer paminsan.. kaya nga madalas sa hapon ako online, para off na ako ng bed sa gabi.. madalas pa ako sa cp nagiinternet.. hehe.. di pa ako gumagamit ng salamin, pinagagalitan nga ako.. eh..

    • Naku, welcome to the club Jen, haha! Kaya nga nagsalamin na ako kasi nagiging blurred na paningin ko. Now, di ako pwedeng mag computer ng walang salamin or else, mabilis sasakit ulo ko.