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Meet My New Computer

Finally, I was able to buy a new computer. For almost two weeks, I can’t use my old PC. It spontaneously shutdown even before I can login to Windows. I suspected it was a power supply unit problem. ATX casing and power supply are 6 years old already. Mobo, hard disk, Intel Celeron and memory are 4 years old. So, what can you expect? My old computer was indeed obsolete already! Goodbye old PC, I will surely miss you! 🙂 Thanks for the service.

I brought the old computer to hubby’s cousin. It was indeed a power supply unit (PSU) failure. He tested it using a new PSU and it worked, it didn’t shutdown even if it was left for more than 1 hour. But I was determined to buy a new computer, after all, I already have a sponsor in buying a new unit, hehe. You heard it right, it’s not my own money. My so generous sister told me to buy a new pc and she’s going to shoulder the expenses. I was so glad and said, “are you sure?… thank you!” “Palitan mo na yan ‘no! Tagal tagal na nyan eh!

Anyway, here’s the picture of my new computer I bought from hubby’s cousin.

my new computer

Specs are:

Intel e4600 2.4GHz C2D
RedFox Nvidia 7050
GeForce™ 8 Series 512MB DDR2 8500 GT
160GB Excelstor Sata
ATX Casing 500W
16″ LCD Widescreen
PS2 Keyboard
PS2 Mouse

Old Computer parts that were retained: 40GB Maxtor HD, where my important and recovered files are saved, LG DVD-Writer, Mouse and Keyboard.

Incidentally, I would like to thank Marlene, Glenn, Jun Festin, Nilo, and Jessie for your inputs regarding my question on what OS to use, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Obviously, I still preferred Windows XP.

And here’s Sean watching Barney while I browse the web. 🙂

watching Barney

13 thoughts on “Meet My New Computer

  1. Wow! Nice PC. In the process din ako ng pag upgrade ng PC ko. So far I have upped my graphics card to 512MB and bought an extra 1Gig memory. I am currently saving for a 19″ lcd.

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  2. Great-looking PC you got there, Amor. Your old computer has served you well and it’s about time that you changed it, by the way 6 years is a long life span for computers nowadays. You must’ve taken good care of it.