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Christmas Gift – Nokia N85

What Christmas gift did you receive last Christmas? Me? I got my new cellphone, a Nokia N85.

Hubby said he will be giving me a new cellphone this Christmas. I told him I want Nokia N96 but it’s too expensive for me, so I might just choose the Nokia  N85 which is cheaper. It’s okay naman daw, so he sent some moolah for my Nokia  N96. But did I buy Nokia  N96? Obviously, I did not ‘coz I preferred the Nokia N85. It’s cheaper and smaller yet have great features din naman, tapos may extra money pa ako hehe. Thank you Hon! 🙂

At first I really was confused on what to buy so I googled for some reviews on N96 and N85, and here are some of them:

Nokia N85 - may plastic pa ang screen

Nokia N85 - N-gage Bounce

Nokia N85 - Tomb Raider

I bought Nokia  N85 3 days before Christmas and it has occupied me endlessly with the multimedia features, camera, and of course by playing Tomb Raider, haha! That’s the reason why it’s been almost a week since I last posted here. N85 is keeping me busier! 🙂

Do you think I made the right decision in choosing N85 over N96? Well, if ever, hindi naman ako nagsisisi… I am still loving my new phone. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift – Nokia N85

  1. Hehee! Ang babait ng mga Santa natin, Amor. I got what I wanted din as Christmas gift. Iba na talaga ngayon, ano. Sinasabi na natin kung anong gusto nating gift ba.

    Nokia N85 is good naman, halos pareho lang ang itsura sa Nokia N96. I’m sure sulit din naman ang features and specs nito.
    Haa! Kahit sa cellfone nag-gi-games ka rin? Lastik ka talaga ha. 😀

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  2. I had an Nokia N82 which had lasted me some time and was beating away all pretenders to the throne. It had proved a very capable phone with its highly regarded camera and the stability of S60 3rd Edition. That said I had wanted a change for a good while, only nothing that came along was managing to get my pulse racing. I had been thinking the iPhone 3GS was next on my list but, to be sure I liked an all touch screen device, I decided to test the water with a Nokia 5800.