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Meet My New Computer

Finally, I was able to buy a new computer. For almost two weeks, I can’t use my old PC. It spontaneously shutdown even before I can login to Windows. I suspected it was a power supply unit problem. ATX casing and power supply are 6 years old already. Mobo, hard disk, Intel Celeron and memory are 4 years old. So, what can you expect? My old computer was indeed obsolete already! Goodbye old PC, I will surely miss you! 🙂 Thanks for the service.

I brought the old computer to hubby’s cousin. It was indeed a power supply unit (PSU) failure. He tested it using a new PSU and it worked, it didn’t shutdown even if it was left for more than 1 hour. But I was determined to buy a new computer, after all, I already have a sponsor in buying a new unit, hehe. You heard it right, it’s not my own money. My so generous sister told me to buy a new pc and she’s going to shoulder the expenses. I was so glad and said, “are you sure?… thank you!” “Palitan mo na yan ‘no! Tagal tagal na nyan eh!

Anyway, here’s the picture of my new computer I bought from hubby’s cousin.

my new computer

Specs are:

Intel e4600 2.4GHz C2D
RedFox Nvidia 7050
GeForce™ 8 Series 512MB DDR2 8500 GT
160GB Excelstor Sata
ATX Casing 500W
16″ LCD Widescreen
PS2 Keyboard
PS2 Mouse

Old Computer parts that were retained: 40GB Maxtor HD, where my important and recovered files are saved, LG DVD-Writer, Mouse and Keyboard.

Incidentally, I would like to thank Marlene, Glenn, Jun Festin, Nilo, and Jessie for your inputs regarding my question on what OS to use, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Obviously, I still preferred Windows XP.

And here’s Sean watching Barney while I browse the web. 🙂

watching Barney

13 thoughts on “Meet My New Computer

  1. hi sis, thnx sa bisita mo sa blog ko 🙂 ito lalong busing busy na paano makulit na baby 🙂

    ganda new PC mo sis 🙂 congrats 🙂
    happy weekend. 🙂

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  2. Salamat sa pag comment nyo…Sana nga tumagal sya, haha… for another 6 years? 🙂

    Jessie, ang laki naman ng earning mo sa paidposts eh, kaya bili ka na rin. 🙂

    Amor’s last blog post…
    Meet My New Computer

  3. Aba, aba, Amor ang ganda naman ng bagong PC mo, hehee! At ok rin ang specs. Marami talagang nag-i-stay pa rin sa Windows XP. Magpo-protest nga daw ang ibang comp kapag nawala ito. 🙂

    Marlene’s last blog post…
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  4. Marlene, kahit ako mag po-protest kapag nawala ang XP, haha!

    Maying, maganda rin yung reviews na nabasa ko about Chimei, okay nga daw yun sabi nung cousin-in-law ko na may-ari nung shop, tapos cheaper pa sya than other brands. 16″ LCD Widescreen na nga lang yung available sa shop nung pumunta kami.

    Jessie, wala pa naman akong problem dito sa new computer, haha! Alam mo kung saan ako nagka problem? Dito sa Math Challenge na to, pangalawang type ko na tong comment, I failed the challenge daw, kainis! 😀

    Amor’s last blog post…
    Meet My New Computer

  5. oh You already bought a new computer – am too late suggesting OS. Cograts on buying it.

    It look loook, a wide screen haan. – AMOR We expect now some back to back great posts from you in coming days.

    Hang on Guys she will BANG !!!!!! the Blogsphere now She is equiped and ready. 🙂

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