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Creative Farmville and Facebook T-Shirts

We were in the mall the other day when Sean saw a lady wearing Farmville T-shirt. I so love to have Farmville logo t-shirt so I approached her and asked where she bought it. Unfortunately she doesn’t know coz it was just given to her by a friend.

My friends Jan Geronimo, Zorlone, and Melody suggested that I design my own Farmville T-shirt and have it printed. I thought about that too! Why not diba. Hope I can do it.

I googled for some Farmville t-shirts online. Which design do you like?

Farmville Girl T-shirt






Farmville Tee

Last week I saw this Farmville design shirt from Rocky. I like the tagline “Mag-Farmville ay di biro maghapong nakaupo“. Why? Coz somehow I can relate! πŸ˜€


Obviously I’m hooked in Facebook. I log in to Facebook several times a day, Facehooked indeed.


I have a life on Facebook T-shirt

Friend request denied. Reminds me of my previous post haha.


Next time I will post about Creative Twitter T-Shirts.

19 thoughts on “Creative Farmville and Facebook T-Shirts

  1. I think I’m the only creature on earth who doesn’t know how to play Farmville! My aunt was explaining the mechanics of the game to me via text last night but once I start playing, I don’t know what to do anymore. I just click here and there but I’m not getting anywhere. LOL. Poor me! Hehe. I think I’d better wear a shirt that says "Farmville dummy." Hehe.

  2. wow, mommy amor ang ganda. totoo ba magprint ka? pa order ako ng "I have a life on facebook", tsaka yung "friend request denied". gusto ko yun. hehehe.

    • Pansin ko nga everytime I visit your farm :). Sa Farmville every 2-4 days na lang yung mga tinatanim ko. Tinatamad na kasi akong magclick2, nauubos oras ko. hehehe

  3. Ano na ba ire? Parang ilalantad na yata ang mga adik sa Farmville/Facebook, hahaa! Gusto ko yung violet sa itaas at yung black na may, "I’d rather be farming". Kumusta na kaya ang Farm ko, matagal ko nang di nabisita. Namatay na yata ang mga tanim ko dun. πŸ™‚

    • Ka-adikan to the higest level na ito fren, haha. Ewan ko ba. Meron akong t-shirt na may print na MALDITA. Gusto ko ng Facebook at Farmville print para maiba naman. πŸ˜€