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Kidnapping in Batangas?

Could it be true? There are rumors, unconfirmed reports that kidnap for organ syndicate is going around to abduct young children. These children and even adults are being kidnapped for their internal organs, like their eyes, heart, and kidney which are being sold in hospitals. The culprits would just drop off the victims’ body back to where they were kidnapped and would insert money in the cadaver.

We received some forwarded messages from relatives in Batangas about some kidnapping incident near their place. The message originally came from a certain mayor of Taysan Batangas, warning the public about the kidnap for organ syndicate using a van with plate number VMM 507.

Here’s the original message in case you haven’t read it yet.

Plate no. VMM 507, van na white, yun po yung mga nangunguha ng internal organ ng mga bata. Paki-forward sa mga iba. Text from vice mayor ng Taysan, Batangas. I-forward yan sa iba, di po yan biro. Sacrifice please. Baka makatulong kayo sa mga bata na nawawala at mga kabataan. Text by sir Malaya caution tayo nasa Baguio daw sila. TY.

If it’s true I wonder why it’s not being reported in primetime news program such as 24 Oras and TV Patrol World? Or did I just miss it?

In an article in Sunstar Baguio yesterday,

…according to Baguio City Police Chief Moises Guevarra, the controversial text message is not true. He called Chief Superintendent Ricardo Padilla, director of Police Regional Office 4-A, to verify about this last Friday morning. “He confirmed this warning did not come from the vice mayor of Taysan, Batangas,” he said.

This was also confirmed by Chief Inspector David Mariano, BCPO Operations Branch chief, when he said the Philippine National Police (PNP) has not received any report yet of anybody losing any internal organ, even in the province of Batangas.

In Pilipino Star Ngayon, a police officer said it’s just a ‘kwentong kutsero’ and they’re giving warning to those who are forwarding the text messages.

I really hope and pray it’s not true. But whether the gossip is true or not, it is better to be watchful and stay indoors rather than take the risk of being victimized if indeed the reports are true. Tsk.. Tsk…

March 30, 2008 Update:

from forwarded email…

Latest Phil. Kidnapping Syndicate: Victim’s Internal Organs Missing!

I don’t believe this story until last week end, when I went home from Pampanga, my mom told me this news. One of our neighbor witnessed the funeral. There is a grade 6 student near our barangay, who was missing for 2 days. There are posters of his picture everywhere… after how many days, the body was found with missing eyes and kidney… a Php20,000 was inserted on his body with a note “PAKI LIBING NA LANG…”

Hindi lang white van na yan ang gamit nila ngaun me green black at maroon. Me look-out nakamotor pag me nakita bata tinatawag dun sa kasama na nasa Van, take note me kasama na clang doktor na nag-aalis ng organ. Even sa mga subdivision nakapasok na rin sila kya inform nyo sa Guard nyo. Sa amin sa Dasma kahapon grabe dami Pulis at Barangay sa Gate Red Alert kasi me 3 bata nakuha around Dasmarinas, Cavite . Me 1 nakaburol sa AREA-H2 walang mata at Internal Organ with 70,000 na pera. Even yung Elem. School sa tapat ng subd. namin di na muna pinapasok yung mga bata kahapon grabe nakakatakot po. Sa Manggahan trece cavite mag-ina magkasama pilit na kinuha ung bata, lumaban ung nanay ayun binugbog tapos nadala ung bata last week un, nakita ung bata sa Paliparan patay na din wala ng organ at mata. Meron nga skecth nung isang kasama nakapost na din dun sa Gate ng subd namin. This morning in Kawit Cavite 2 bata, nawawla at sa Quezon 3 year old na batang babae nakita patay walang heart at kidney.

News: World
Kidnapping in Southern Luzon ,
Victim’s Internal Organs Missing
by Jean Stuart March 09, 2008

Kidnapping is rampant nowadays. Kidnappers usually asked ransom money from the parents of their victims. But lately, I was disturbed of the news about the kidnap victims whose internal organs were missing after they were found.

In Ibaan, Batangas four children were abducted. One of them was found with the pair of eyes missing and with Php 30,000 pesos on his/her mouth. Three were found with missing internal organs. There was also report in Tanauan, Batangas with a missing heart and Php 8,000 pesos on the hole of the victim’s chest. It’s really creepy.

Lately, there have been reports that the kidnappings is not only happening in Batangas. There were also similar incidents in Cavite and Laguna. Last Wednesday, March 5, my friend told me that there was a third year high school student (from a school in San Pedro, Laguna) was abducted on her way home. I still haven’t heard about what happened to the victim.

I heard that a syndicate is behind this kidnapping and they are selling the organs to the black market. Text messages and email messages has been circulating saying that a white van with plate no. VMM 507 is said to be the kidnappers van. In our place the cartographic sketch of the kidnapper and the plate no. of the vehicle used by the kidnapper were posted everywhere.

Residents in our area in Laguna were already afraid. Students going to school were now accompanied by their parents and yayas. It has been reported that the kidnappers where luring children going to and from school. Our school management even released a letter to parents to watch for their children when going to school and while playing.

Elmer B Realce
Dhahran Housing Inspection Unit

August 25, 2008 Update

Kidney syndicate’ kumpirmado – NBI
Monday, August 25, 2008
Pilipino Star Ngayon

Kinumpirma kahapon ng National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) na may nag-ooperate na mala­king sindikato sa bansa sa pagdukot ng mga ba­tang lalaki na tinatangga­lan ng vital human organs upang ipagbili sa dayu­hang pasyente kaya mi­nomonitor ngayon ang mga ospital at klinika sa bansa na nagsasagawa ng ‘illegal’ na removal par­tikular ng ‘kidney’.

Sa ginanap na Bali­taan sa Tinapayan sa Da­pitan, sinabi ni Atty. Fer­dinand Lavin, ng NBI-Anti-Human Trafficking Division, ang sindikato ay may base umano sa ba­hagi ng Northern Luzon, kung saan dinadala ang mga biktima, inaalagaan, pinapakain upang ihanda sa ‘removal procedure’ ng kidney.

Matapos umano ang pagkuha ng kidney ay ibini-biyahe ito patungong ibang bansa at doon isi­nasagawa ang transplant kung kaya nahihira­pan ang mga awtoridad na maaresto ang mga nasa likod ng sindikato.

Aniya, mas pinipili umanong tanggalan ng organ ang mga batang lalaki.

19 thoughts on “Kidnapping in Batangas?

  1. Thanks Rozella and Maremug for your comments and for dropping by my site.

    Sana mas tutukan ng media to, para mas maging aware ang tao. Ang sasama ng mga gumagawa nitong kidnapping na ito, puro pera ang nasa isip… buhay pa eh nabubulok na mga kaluluwa sa impyerno. Mga walang puso! Hmmp!

  2. This topic is so insane….i’m here in us and i’m from batangas, xiempre nmn mei friends ako nd relatives dun, so i’m really worrying about them. Sabi nila totoo daw un and i believe them. Mei nakuha na daw na batang patay dun sa likod ng Citimart(shopping cntr) tas mei laman 10,000 ung body ng bata. I feel sad and anger about diz news. My question is why dont they catch them? It says ryt here dat they know the color and the plate number of the vehicle so what are the government waiting for? magising nmn sana ung government sa katotohanan…..

  3. I hear a lot of these things everywhere even from my colleagues and I am disturbed because I have kids. I asked my brother-in-law who’s working at abs-cbn if there has been a report about this and he told me that there has been none so far. So I don’t know. It’s been an urban legend since there’s been a story like this when I was in grade school.

  4. Killing Children For Their Organs

    Document Title: Killing Children For Their Organs
    Document Ref No: R9503011
    First Published: Reflections – Philippine Daily Inquirer
    Publication Date: 1st March 1995
    Author’s Name: Father Shay Cullen SSC
    London : Hundreds of children go missing in the Philippines every year and many of them are never found.

    Some of these children run away from home because they are severely beaten or abused. A few weeks ago in Olongapo, the alcoholic father of a 12 year old boy in Gordon Heights was angry his son did not bring home rice so he tied his arms around a tree, wrapped them in rags and set him alight.

    The screams of the child alerted the neighbors but they could not stop it in time. The father soon fled with the badly burnt boy.

    Children who run away from situations like these will not want to be sent home so they lie about their names and addresses. It is these children who wander the streets homeless and abandoned who become prey to the pimps and paedophiles.

    In London I am lobbying for the right of children and learning more about another crime against children. Believe it or not there are human vultures out there kidnapping and killing children – for their body organs to sell for transplants to the rich.

    Yes this is the horrific trade that is taking the lives of thousands of children around the world. Not much has been heard about it but the evidence is mounting. There is a huge demand and a monied market in both developing and Northern countries for body parts especially eyes, hearts and kidneys of children.

    A kidney or eyes can fetch $10,000, a heart $50,000 or more.

    As a result the black market in children’s organs for transplants is growing. With prices like that criminals will commit any crime. Impoverished parents are sometimes persuaded to sell their children’s eyes or a kidney for as little as $500.

    Trafficking in children’s organs is the new crime against humanity together with selling children for sex.

    In Bogota, Columbia a group of journalists covering a political rally were shown a four year old child and discovered she had been abducted and her eyes removed. She was later released with a 500 peso bill and a note pinned to her dress “Thanks for your gift” it said.

    The street children of Bogota are hunted by police and thugs and killed as they are in Brazil and some in Cagayan De Oro Philippines. In Bogota 12,000 children are reported to have been killed, only about 1000 remain. Many of the bodies were found with missing organs.

    In Bogota the children have taken to living in the underground sewer tunnels which are a feature of that city. Social workers among these destitute children of Bogota showed journalists mutilated bodies.

    One told the International association of Democratic lawyers ” For several years one has spoken about the traffic of organs for transplants (eyes and kidneys) witnesses to these facts can be found in the barrios, such as Lucero Alto.”

    A monthly magazine “El Tempo” reported that in 1989 five street children were found dead with they eyes surgically removed. Illiterate Parents of impoverished slum children reported that a doctor told her “Your son has a brain tumor, it is better I take his eyes out”.

    That child is in a home for the blind and had no brain tumor.

    In the Dominican Republic traffickers would pay from US$700 to $1,500 to the parents of a child then the child would be taken to a clinic and the organs removed and sold to the rich from $10,000 to $50,000 each.

    The children died soon after from neglect and infection.

    Twenty three Dominicans were identified by police as being involved in the traffic but the well heeled surgeons disappeared. In Haiti that impoverished island, a Haitian, M.Bourjolly reported to the international organization Enfants du Monde that there was widespread trafficking in adult and child organs but how vast was not known.

    Other international child welfare organizations have reported that the International market for adopted children was one source for children’s hearts, kidneys and eyes.

    A Chilean child adopted and taken out of the country was found abandoned minus a kidney. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued warnings about the transmission of AIDS through transplantation of organs. 58 people in the United states are ar risk of AIDS because of this.

    Father Barruel a Catholic priest famous for his work advocating human rights and saving children in Brazil has reported to the world the abduction, mutilation, and the plundering of children’s bodies for their parts.

    In Pangasinan a 12 year old boy who was picked up by a brown van and brought to Manila where with several other children they were drugged and brought to a building that smelled like a clinic where they kept under guard. This boy recovered from the drugged sleep and escaped.

    In recounting his story it became clear that the children were to undergo some operation although none were sick. Relatives of a youth who died from a fall from a Manila overpass claimed that in the hospital he was allowed to die – for his organs. Although this was never proven.

    The Preda Foundation (Upper Kalaklan , Olongapo city) is a member of an International Study Group gathering information and evidence of such illegal body organ trade in the Philippines and elsewhere. If any reader knows anything or has well founded suspicions about such activity please write in strictest confidentiality.

    You could be saving childrens lives.

  5. Ongoing po ang human internal organ trade until now…mas madaling gawin ito sa areas lalo na sa “Calabarzon” dahil maraming areas along the highway na madilim, walang ibang tao at may mga babae o bata na nag-iisang naglalakad doon…try nyo ride ng car nyo dito at mag-observe ng mga possible victims…at perhaps para mailayo ang detectives sa Metro-Manila…try nyo din visit mga lokal police stations nyo, at inquire nyo lang kung may pader sila na puno ng pictures ng missing persons….lalo na siguro kung sa NBI pa…International syndicate po ito…parang CIA…ano laban ng pobre, o di kaya corrupt na lokal crime fighter…yung van na may plate VMM 507 nahuli daw sa Harrison Plaza dahil may batang nawawala, pero sketchy yung mga sumunod na nangyari…naibalita na din sa news yung mga nagbenta ng organs nila…kaya nga ipinagbabawal na ang pagbebenta nito…may pinsan ang misis ko na muntikan na din sa Lipa nung isang gabi…huminto yung van na puti at pinilit syang isakay…taga-La Salle po yun…saka yung mga taxi na sira ang pintuan…yung hindi mabuksan sa loob pero mabubuksan lang sa labas…kaya lagot ka kapag may gustong pumasok, lalo na kapag nag-iisa ka lang…baka kapag nakita nyo na lang yung “mural” o yung patong patong na pictures ng nawawalang mga bata sa pader ng police stations, lalo na sa MM…maniniwala na din kayo…

  6. it is true…on a worldwide scale…authorities say the real figures may be even greater because victims often don’t report crimes to a police force they don’t trust…experts say the rise is also a result of a perception sense that crimes go unpunished…some policemen may be behind…politicians too…it is a cartel for internal organs…check your local police station for their collection of pictures of missing persons…titindig ang balahibo nyo!

  7. today the nbi arrested a syndicate group responsible for kidnapping children…totoo na po iyan!

    • it true??Medyo matagal na yang issue-ng yan..pero its true nga diba?Meron nga tnu2ruan ung principal namin na babae sa Public School nawawa nakitang patay duon sa gilid ng school may nakasu0t na m0ney sa may bunganga..(creepy)makatindig balahibong kwento..nakaka buhol buhol ng intestine na letter as in pera lang na 20,000Php..Im happy they’re arrested..HS2ndYR ako nu0ng kinwento yan ngeun HS3yr na ako…ang b0b0 ng kidnappers ngaun n0h..kaC one day g0ing to my h0me from my piano lessons with t.yayo..sabi nung isang lalaki..”Huy bata,sabi nang daddy mo i-uwi daw kita sa bahay nyo kasi nasa trabaho sya ngayon.Diba nag tatrabaho dadii mo?”Sabi ko naman”Sir,saglit cr muna ako..”then nag txt ako sa pulis na may kidnapper dito..tinext ko din dadi ko nasa bahay nmn cia..sabi ko sa tricycle driver”Sir,Sa likod mo 0h..”then he saw the pulis..kinuha xya sabi ko”saglit!”ang b0b0 mo mang kidnap.dadi ko nxa bahay ngaun..SUNDAY po kaya ngayon!ahahahaha!!!”and then tawa ung sundo ko na revo kasi dumating na cia..