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What a bad day! I was a victim of pickpocket. We went to Seaside to have lunch and later went to SM Mall of Asia to stroll. Then we decided to buy Sean some everyday clothes so we went to Surplus. I was too busy choosing for clothes when someone bumped me but I just ignored it. I didn’t know that was intentional. Then I felt that my bag became ‘lighter’ than it used to be… when I checked it, I found out that my bag’s zipper is half open and my wallet is nowhere to be found. I told the guard that my wallet is missing. Looks like it’s not the first time that it happened. From time to time, they are reminding the customers to beware of pickpockets. Too late, I was already a victim when they announced it.

I was too busy and distracted, maybe the thief thought I was a good target. I know she’s not alone. When she bumped me, there were other people around us. I was with my sister too but we’re all busy. Next time I will be more vigilant.

What did I feel when I realized my wallet was stolen? I felt numb and nervous. For few seconds I felt nothing. I don’t know what to think, then I started shaking.

I rung my hubby who stayed in Delifrance and informed him what happened. While I was dialing his number I was still nervous and shaking that when I sensed that my cellphone is not in my pocket, I thought it was stolen too. Wow mali! hawak ko nga pla yung phone… see, I can not even think right! Haha!

My wallet contains Php500 only… lucky pickpockets huh! :P… 3 ATM cards, 1 ID, SM Prestige Card, receipts, and pictures. I immediately called my bank and canceled my ATM cards, baka maswerte yung magnanakaw at hulaan yung pin ko ‘no! Mas concerned pa nga ako sa nawalang pictures kasi wala na akong copy nun eh. Sana sa makakakita ng wallet ko sana maisoli yung ID at pictures. Syempre itatapon na lang yun nung magnanakaw, wala na yung silbi sa kanya eh!

Buti na lang hindi ako nag withdraw, kasi balak kong gamitin yung BPI (EPS). Buti na lang yung iba kong cash at yung hiniram kong ATM card ni hubby nilagay ko sa pocket ng bag ko. Buti na lang yung cellphone ko nasa bulsa ng pantalon ko… Buti na lang walang ibang importanteng gamit sa bag ko na possibleng makuha pa ng magnanakaw na yun… Haaayyy… buti na lang…mahal pa rin ng Diyos ang isang makasalanang tulad ko…. hindi Niya hinayaang malaki ang mawala sa akin.

I am not even mad at her. It’s only 500, but if it’s bigger money, I swear I’ll curse her to death! Maybe she needs the money badly.. I don’t know her reasons for doing such, for whatever it is, it’s still bad to get other people’s hard earned money whether big or small.

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