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Sibale Beach Template – New WordPress Theme

Last May, I designed a new template for my hometown’s website. Again, I decided to use WordPress as CMS so creating and updating pages are easier. Some of my kababayans could also register as author/editor/contributor. I call the new template as Sibale Beach Theme.

Until now, I’m still in the process of migrating some of the website’s pages. It’s taking me so long to copy-paste the contents, if only I have all the time in the world! Last June I was almost 60% through with it but my PC broke down and I lost all the files including the WordPress database so I had to start copy-pasting all over again. Good thing I have a backup of the Sibale Beach Template so I need not make another one.

Sibale Beach Theme

Now I can say I’m almost 85% done with it. I created a subdomain so I can test-drive it online. I can’t give you the subdomain link yet, but you can guess it, it’s very easy to, I tell you. 🙂

Anyway, once I talk to the webmaster and he gives me the permission to upload it on his server, it’s only then that I can say, it’s 100% done. But, hey, I’m not even sure he’s going to approve my design. Even if not, I’ll just charge it to experience. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sibale Beach Template – New WordPress Theme

  1. Thanks for using my pictures I shared with Merwin and the surfers of Sibale website. I’m not sure if you remember me, your mom was one of my teachers in elementary.

  2. I should be the one to thank you Manong Joey for those wonderful pics. I’ve long been looking for such great shots of Sibale’s beautiful beaches. When Ate Olive shared your pics in the sibalenhon forum, I asked her if I could copy it and she said I can. And I do remember you, your mom is one of my favorite teachers in elementary. 🙂