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Oh My Gosh, My Ghostbird Child Theme

I’m happy to announce the release of my first free WordPress theme, Oh My Gosh, my Ghostbird child theme. It’s a Tumblr-style theme good for microblogging. Although I made some free WordPress themes before, those were specifically made for some of my blogger friends (2 of them). This one is different because it will be availabe for everyone and it’s also a child theme.

omg responsive

Live Preview  Download Page

It’s been a year since I first worked on it, on and off kaya inabot ng hundred years. Few months ago, just when I was about to release it, I’d see bugs, or I’m thinking of something else to add. I also made it as responsive as possible.

In order for you to use Oh My Gosh, you have to install its parent theme, Ghostbird. Ghostbird is a free one-column theme for WordPress developed by Michael Fields, Theme Wrangler at Automattic. It has flexible width, custom background, custom header, custom menu, post formats and is translation-ready.  It’s also the same theme I am using in My WordPress Playground site.

Why the name Oh My Gosh, you may ask. I first thought of naming it My Ghostbird but one time I made a typo error ‘My Goshtbird’, so I thought of naming it Oh My Gosh, just like my fave expression. 🙂

Features Added on Oh My Gosh:

  • Post Format Icons (Tumblr-like)
  • 6 Color Schemes
    Oh My Gosh Theme Options Color Schemes
  • Responsive
  • Right Sidebar (Version 2)
    Oh My Gosh Ghostbird Child theme with sidebar

Here are 2 full screenshots of this theme.
Oh My Gosh Skin 5 screenshot width=
Oh My Gosh Skin 6 screenshot width=

Live Preview Download Page

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