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Upgrading to WordPress 2.1.3

It’s my first time to upgrade WordPress since I installed version 2.0.4 last August 2006 using Fantastico. Although I’ve long wanted to upgrade when I saw that there’s new version available, I was kinda hesitant then. I’ve read some not so good experience when using Fantastico to upgrade WordPress. I was afraid I might also do something wrong. I have done some modifications that I don’t want to be messsed up just in case my upgrade didn’t turn out well.
Reading WordPress’ detailed instructions on How to Upgrade in Five Steps, I finally had the courage to upgrade but not sure if it would be manually or instantly through Fantastico.

Using FileZilla I connected to my server and downloaded an entire copy of all the WordPress files & folders including the .htaccess file to my PC. I made sure that everything was there and that I did not miss anything.

I used WordPress Database Backup Plugin to backup my database. I also used phpMyAdmin for my second backup copy. I had to make sure I’m doing it right that’s why I have 2 backup copies of my database. 🙂

I deactivated all my plugins, as stated in the instruction.

And before I download WordPress package, I logged in to cPanel and decided to upgrade using Fantastico. I just want to give it a try. After all, if something went wrong, I already have backup copy.

It was so great! In just one click, Fantastico did some backup and upgraded WordPress 2.0.4 to WordPress 2.1.3 in no time! I checked this blog immediately and everything was fine! I haven’t encountered any problem yet. But if you find some, please let me know, I will really appreciate it. 🙂

Now my next plan is to install WordPress locally, so I could have a test version of this blog. In that way I could play around with themes and plugins without actually messing up my blog online.

5 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress 2.1.3

  1. Nice post amor! buti namn nag upgrade ka narin.. am using windows version of Apache 1.3.20 , PHP 4.42 and MySQL for windows to test my WordPress locally.. If naka pag install ka na ng wordpress locally using other methods.. gawa ka rin ng tutorial like this one 😉 Have a nice day.. (gL3nnX)

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  3. Ive been using Easy PHP to view my site locally before i publish it in the net. Malaking tulong to kasi magagawa mo ng maayos ang site bago ipublish sa public. Anyways, Amor can you change the link address of my site to eto na kasi ung personal site ko.

    Thanks!! Nice site.