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Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1

I have just upgraded from WordPress 2.2.2 to WordPress 2.3.1.WordPress It took me a while to upgrade because I’m only relying on Fantastico. I don’t manually upgrade and that’s because my connection is too slow.

For few weeks, I couldn’t find Fantastico in my Cpanel, I have to request to have it back… it turned out that the cpanel theme I am using doesn’t have a fantastico link…when it used to have naman.

Anyway, when I checked on Fantastico before, there’s no available upgrade yet so I just waited. Now that there’s an upgrade link to 2.3.1, I wasted no time and clicked it.

Had a minor SQL problem with the post_id in my get_post queries… so I just deleted them.

Had an error message that says ‘wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist, whenever I edit or publish a post. I looked at the support forum and found some answer. Others who encountered the same problem said that the Google Sitemap 2.7 plugin is the culprit. Had no choice but to deactivate it, and looks like it corrected my problem. I tried to upload and activate Google Sitemap 3.0.1 plugin and presto! no more error messages! 😀

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