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WordPress Theme for Marlene

Hi guys, how are you? I have no post for more than 1 week, obvious naman diba? 😀  I didn’t post for Mommy Moments last week, but hopefully I can join this week.

I’m quite busy again and don’t have much time in front of the PC. Besides my Sean and my ‘older’ son is competing with me in using this computer. They’re addicted to playing Feeding Frenzy and Zuma from GameHouse.

If I have time to ever sit in front of this PC, I’m busy designing 2 WP themes. 1 for public download and 1 for my friend Marlene. I designed the theme without knowing her preferred color yet and since I am a fan of blue  and green here’s what I designed.

Lemback (blue and green)

Lemback Home - Blue and Green

I gave her the link of the header and am happy to know she liked it.

She likes orange so I just changed the color. It now looks like this.

Lemback (Orange)

Lemback Home - Orange

I’m now finalizing the design, adding some details like rss icon and other stuff.

I’m happy to create themes for my friends. Who knows if my next theme is designed exclusively for you. 🙂

17 thoughts on “WordPress Theme for Marlene

  1. Yeheyyy! Tapos na ba? Tapos na ba? Excited na ako sa bagong theme, Amor. Kahit anong kulay ang ganda pa rin at bagay sa design mo. Teka, pwede mo rin isali for public download ang blue and green, basta ang orange sa kin lang, hehee! Thank you so much, friend. I’m so glad you made it to finally release your own WP themes.

    • You're welcome fren. OO tapos na, natapos ko rin sa wakas, haha. Pwede rin nga yung blue and green for public download, pero modify ko yung design para di tulad nung sa yo. 🙂

    • Thank you, sus, di naman maxado, haha. Ikaw nga jan ang dami mo ng nagawang theme, everytime I would visit your site iba ang theme.

  2. Wow! I love your new themes! Kung amrunong lang din ako gumawa ng ganyan, gagawa din ako for my blogger friends.

    Musta na, sis? Have a nice day!

    • Thanks Honney, kung marami lang akong libreng time gagawan ko rin kung pwede lahat ng blogger friends ko.

      Am okay naman, ganun pa rin, mataba pa rin, haha.

  3. wow.. it's really nice..
    i like it but i'm men..
    it's free?really?
    i want 1, can you do for me?

    if u can, please email me at hanbroz [at] for discuss about this.


      • You're welcome amor.. so? You can't do another theme for me? Because i want to release my blog as soon as possible.. i can't wait again.. please.. can't you do anyone to me? or can't you release the theme as soon as possible?