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WordPress Users Must Upgrade

WordPressAfter reading Mashable’s post about WordPress Attack Underway: WordPress Users Must Upgrade [ALERT] I decided to upgrade immediately.

The outdated, unpatched versions of WordPress are vulnerable to attacks. There is a clever worm that registers as a user, makes itself a “hidden” Administrator and inserts hidden spam and malware into old posts. I am managing a site that requires user registration that’s why I was really worried of the possible attack.

Prior to this attack, I was hesitant to upgrade, thinking it was not a big deal. My last upgrade was with WP 2.7. But this time I had to upgrade to WP 2.8.4, no second thoughts.

It’s my first time to upgrade through the Dashboard. And boy, it was so easy. I thought it would take longer but I was wrong. It’s as if I just upgraded a plugin.

If you haven’t upgraded your self hosted WordPress blog, what are you waiting for?

Matt Mullenweg said

…Please upgrade, itโ€™s the only way we can help each other.

Upgrade your WordPress blog, now na!

16 thoughts on “WordPress Users Must Upgrade

  1. waaah! I am not upgrading… I’m still at 2.7!

    kailangan na ba talaga? kakatakot naman kasi mag-upgrade… pero parang mas nakakatakot yung threat ๐Ÿ™

  2. Ha, pareho pala tayong nasa 2.7 lang before upgrading to 2.8.4. Pero totoo, na alarm din ako sa post ni Shanker. Magpost din sana ako sa pag-upgrade ko pero may na-pending kasi akong opp kaya inuna ko muna bago magkasira-sira ang lahat, hahaa!

    At thanks nga pala for telling me na madali lang ang mag-upgrade sa dashboard. Kung di mo sinabi yun ay malamang naabutan ako ng umaga sa manual update. Ang bilis talaga, pero nanduon pa rin ang kaba ko. Kaya for security reasons ay nag-save ako ng back-up copy sa lahat ng files ko. Pero sa susunod ay hindi na siguro ako kakabahan, kasi madali lang naman pala tagala.

    • Kasi naman nakakatamad mag upgrade dati dahil ilang linggo lang, update ulit kaya sabi ko saka na lang. Pero syempre iba ngayon kasi may mga cases na talaga ng nahack site nila tulad ng nabasa ko sa comment sa Mashable. They lost a lot of money daw dahil dun.

      Buti nga pwede na mag upgrade through WP dashboard so isang click na lang talaga ang bilis pa diba. Kailangan rin syempre mag back-up, mahirap na. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cge sbhan ko ung host ko upgradE nla wp ko. Pero mukang di cla aware.. Sa nanyaring i2, sayo qo nga ate nalaman.Nataranta nga aq.

    • Pwede ka nman Jen mag upgrade through WP dashboard, madali lang kasing bilis lang ng pag upgrade ng plugin, as in wala yatang 1 minute tapos na. And don't forget to back-up, as always.

  4. Ano pa kaya ang pwedeng mangyari? After kasi ng alert na ito may napansin ako sa mga wordpress blogs ko… hmmm sana naman mali yung hinala ko!

    Upgrade Now to WP 2.8.4

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    • You're welcome. OO nga ang dami mong sites kasi hehe. Di bale, madali lang naman mag upgrade yung pag back-up ng Database at files ang mas matagal ng konti. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ate Amor, I finally upgraded wordpress, as you already know. I didn’t use the auto upgrade feature since it will result to a php memory error, so manual din ang pag-activate ng plugins ko, one by one. And if one plugin causes an error, i’ll have to start all-over until I hit the correct order ๐Ÿ˜›

        Sa ibang simpleng sites ko with minimal and basic plugins, I just use the auto-upgrade.

        Thanks again!

  6. Buti na lang nag upgrade ako dati pa pero me nalimutan akong isang blog ko. Nakita ko yung permalink ko dun ang haba haba kung ano ano naklagay. Tinamaan ng bug. Pero naayos ko naman agad.