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WP Email Registration Not Sent

I’m having problem with WordPress for several weeks now. I redesigned my hometown’s website and used WordPress as CMS. Everything turned out smoothly until I learned that members are not receiving their confirmation email that contains their password. I wasn’t aware of that because I am receiving a new user notification. I just knew it when someone informed me he hasn’t received the email yet. When I checked my email there were few failure notices.

I’ve been searching for workaround in the support forum, but none of them really solved my problem. I did almost everything from creating a WordPress email and activating a phpmailer plugin, but to my dismay, it did not solve my problem. At first I thought the phpmailer was my saving grace because I’m no longer receiving a Mail delivery notice. I thought new members are already receiving their password sent through their email. I was so stupid not to realize that I’m not receiving any new user notification either. When I logged in and checked the users, I was surprised there were already more than 10 who registered and none of them received their password. So annoying, isn’t it?!

For now, I have no choice but to send the password manually to the members. My other problem is, these fast few days I don’t have the luxury to go online everyday, so it will really take longer for them to receive their password. 🙁

I hope someone could help me with this problem. Hey WP geeks, help naman oh!

9 thoughts on “WP Email Registration Not Sent

  1. Hi Amor,
    How I wish I can help you but I’m not familiar with your problem…I hope someone comes along who can help.

    take it easy!

  2. Hi Amor, nag-register din ako sa isang site noon na powered by wordpress din, pero wala rin akong nareceive na conf email and pw. I researched about this problem, but to no avail. Siguro if you could start a topic sa wp forum concerning this problem, baka may makatulong. I’ll try to search again in the weekend kung wala ka pang solution dito. Btw, ang ganda ng site ng hometown mo, simple and neat 🙂

  3. Thanks Marlene and Petra. 🙂

    My sa WPP forum ba? Di pa nga ako nag po-post dun about this problem. Sa WP Support forum naman marami ng similar problem pero lahat ng solution nilang na try ko na pero wa-epek pa rin. Ewan ko ba. Salamat ng marami sa pag search ha!

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