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New WordPress Template

I have finally uploaded my new wordpress template. I have only viewed it in IE and Firefox using Windows XP. I don’t know how it looks in your browser.. so if you find something odd or funny with the way it is displayed, please let me know. I’ll highly appreciate it.

I don’t know what to name this template, I’m not good in naming things or even giving a tagline. I really admire people who can think creatively.

Well, now that you’re viewing this, it means I already have migrated my webpages to WordPress. For the past 7 years I have used html editor to create/update every page in my website. Now that I am using WP as CMS, I find it a lot easier especially to change themes. There are also plenty of plugins to choose from.

For my new WordPress template I added Post Related Plugin, WP-Stats, WP-UserOnline and WP-PostRatings for Poems and Inspirational Pages.

4 thoughts on “New WordPress Template

  1. Amor, ang ganda naman ng pagkamigrate mo sa WP, at sarili mo pang theme. Ang galing! I have IE WVista sis, and ok lahat ng pages, no broken links. Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks Marlene.Mabuti at okay naman pla sya sa Vista. Wala pa kasi akong nakikitang Windows Vista na pwede kong pagrent-an para sana maview ko to. 🙂