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My First Broken Heart

Not really broken hearted. I just love this song, one of my favorites in my younger years. 🙂 Originally sung by American R&B singer Tracie Spencer released in 1988.

This song was revived by Iya Villania in 2008. And I do like her voice. I think her version sounds better than the original.

My First Broken Heart
by Tracie Spencer
Revived by Iya Villania

My friends keep telling me it only hurts a little while
In no time I’ll be bouncing back wearing my usual smile
Deep down inside I know that what they say is right
But that don’t stop me from crying each and every night

‘Cause it’s my first broken heart
My dreams within have ended
It’s my first broken heart
I don’t know how to mend it
Tell me where do I start
‘Cause it’s my first broken heart

He made me feel so many things I never felt before
He opened up a world of dreams but then he went and closed the door
I never knew the thrill until I felt his touch
I never knew the love could ever hurt this much

Repeat Chorus

Someway, somehow I know
I’m gonna make it through
But for right now
I don’t know what I’m gonna do

Repeat chorus

Tell me, show me, show me how
Tell me how to mend this broken heart
Where do I start
‘Cause it’s my first broken heart

Tell me what to do, tell me where to start
Tell me how to mend this broken heart (Repeat 2x)

8 thoughts on “My First Broken Heart

  1. i also like the original version of this song. i used to sing this sa minus one ages ago! haha. have a blessed day, sis!

  2. Kalungkot naman ng kanta. Galing ng pagkanta ni Iya dito ha. She look like an international artist here. Thanks for sharing this good song with good lyrics. Keep it posted!

  3. haha! akala ko tungkol ito sa first love mo, hehe…

    anyway, beautiful song.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Amor!

  4. Ang naalala ko lang tune ay yung sa first line ng chorus. I’ll later to the song later cos something wrong with my laptop’s speakers.