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To Transfer or Not

Sean’s teacher asked me how old is Sean. “3 years, 4 months” was my reply. He said Sean and two of his 4-year-old female classmates will be transferred from Nursery to Kinder 1. But I humbly declined the transfer. I remembered he also mentioned the possibility of the transfer when we were enrolling Sean in his class last April.

There are reasons why I resisted the transfer. First, Sean is used to seeing his nursery classmates. He may not know all of them by name, but he sure does know them by face. If he’ll be in Kinder 1, he’ll be seeing different faces, so he’ll be adjusting again. Second, Sean will be the youngest in their Kinder 1 class. I’m afraid his would-be-classmates would bully him.

The other parents also declined the transfer. Ang ending, walang nai-transfer sa kanilang 3 sa Kinder 1.

If only Sean is a little older, say in elementary level, siguro papayag na akong mai-transfer sya sa higher grade level, if ever. 🙂

If you were in my shoes (size ano nga ba? ) papayag ba kayong ilipat sya?

13 thoughts on “To Transfer or Not

  1. hi. i have been surfing the net looking for moms who can best give me advice about my daughter. you see, she started Kinder 1 at 3.2 months old. it wasnt our intention that time to enroll her sa kiddie 1 agad. in fact, we were hoping na sa discoverer level muna, which is for 2-3 yo. kaya lang medyo disciplined na sya even before she started school so instead na hilahin sya pababa ng mga classmates nya na medyo nagtantrums pa, she was transfered sa nursery. and after a week she was again transferred sa kinder 1 for the same reason. she did well naman sa class nya. in fact i stopped tutoring her after 2 months kasi i really wanted to know if dapat na sya sa kiddie 1. she went through the whole school year with no complaints on her part or even with her teachers. in fact she loves school tremendously, she’s the most active nga in class.. now i am in this predicament of whether or not ipapakinder 2 ko na sya. she will just be 4 by then. her teacher advised na baka pwede ulitin nya ang kinder 1 because of her age. that really made me lose my temper……… anyways, i hope to hear your advice. (

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    • Bakit naman sya pauulitin ng Kinder 1? Naku kung ako, hindi rin ako papayag sis, kasi for sure mabo-bore lang sya. Marami pa namang ibang school na pwedeng tumanggap sa kanya without her going to Kinder 1 ulit. Kawawa naman sya kung ganun, at sayang din yung time at money diba?