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To Transfer or Not

Sean’s teacher asked me how old is Sean. “3 years, 4 months” was my reply. He said Sean and two of his 4-year-old female classmates will be transferred from Nursery to Kinder 1. But I humbly declined the transfer. I remembered he also mentioned the possibility of the transfer when we were enrolling Sean in his class last April.

There are reasons why I resisted the transfer. First, Sean is used to seeing his nursery classmates. He may not know all of them by name, but he sure does know them by face. If he’ll be in Kinder 1, he’ll be seeing different faces, so he’ll be adjusting again. Second, Sean will be the youngest in their Kinder 1 class. I’m afraid his would-be-classmates would bully him.

The other parents also declined the transfer. Ang ending, walang nai-transfer sa kanilang 3 sa Kinder 1.

If only Sean is a little older, say in elementary level, siguro papayag na akong mai-transfer sya sa higher grade level, if ever. 🙂

If you were in my shoes (size ano nga ba? ) papayag ba kayong ilipat sya?

13 thoughts on “To Transfer or Not

  1. That’s so true. Few years back, when my lil boy was in the 1 year old group and they had to transfer him sa mga 15mos to 2 year olds ay I felt really bad coz he is so used to being with his teachers and friends and moving to another room is a big big change!

    But it’s a transition that will eventually happen and I think it breaks our hearts more than it will our kids’ hahahaha

  2. They should have accepted him for Kinder 1 instead, right from the very beginning, knowing that they knew how smart Sean is (based sa interview). It’s good you did not go for it, Amor. It seems you and the other parents know the consequences better than the teachers, hehee.

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  3. @Noreen, thanks for the comment and welcome to my site. 🙂 I also asked Sean if he wants to transfer to Kinder 1 and he said no, because he wants to be with his classmates daw.

    @Jessie, he won’t be transferred to a different school naman, from Nursery to Kinder 1 lang. Same school and same teacher. 🙂

    @Marlene, Hehe… the teacher did want to enlist Sean in Kinder 1 from the start, kaso nga he’s too young pa daw, pero pwede daw ilipat after few months sa Nursery. At ngayon ngang sanay na si Sean sa mga classmates nya lalong ayaw nyang lumipat. Baka hindi pa sya pumasok kapag iba na ang classmates nya, haha! Kung sa umpisa Kinder 1 na sya, baka hindi rin ako pumayag, kasi baka nmn mabigla sya so, sa Nursery lang muna talaga. I’m not after the acceleration naman 🙂 Siguro kung older na sya pwede, haha, pabagu-bago ng isip! 😀

    @Caryn, thanks for the comment and welcome to my site. I’ll buy Metro Mag tom. 🙂

  4. I think you made a very good decision. Tama sabi ni Marlene, makinig ka jan guro yan eh bwehehe…

    Kamusta ka na? Pasma pa ba? Get well Amor!

  5. sometimes naiinis ako sa mga teacher na mahilig mag accelerate ng bata haha

    sometimes acceleration is not good for the child like what you have pointed out. Maaga magmamature ang bata at di nya maeenjoy ang kanyang childhood. Isa pa mawawalan ng sense of belongingness si sean kasi nga lipat ng lipat. lalaki yan na low ang self esteem kasi isasabak agad sya sa mas superior sa kanya.

    Let him grow in his own pace at wag pilitin ng mga mahaderang teacher haha. wawa naman si sean at di nya maeenjoy ng mabuti ang company ng mga classmates nya

  6. well, this is a late comment , it happened to my niece before, she was transferred from Nursery to Kinder 1 (the following month after enrollment) so she was Kinder 1 at age 3years old.

    We agreed because she is no longer listening to her Nursery class, and when the teacher would ask her, she would say: ” I am so tired of repeated lessons over and over again.”

    In short she graduated Pre- School @ 4 years and 11 mos.

    In short she stopped because no school would accept a 5 year old for grade 1. But we tried her getting entrance exams at some universities, she passed kaya lang she will be forced to repeat preparatory class.