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I wasn’t feeling well these fast few days. I had a very bad cough. It’s so terrible, the worst I ever had. But don’t worry, it’s not AH1N1 related hehe. I hope so! Didn’t have fever, sore throat and other AH1N1 symptoms naman.

Unwell – Matchbox Twenty

But I couldn’t sleep, it keeps me awake almost every night. Tuloy, I missed  the first ever Pandacan Day last Saturday. Sighs! Late na kasi nung nakatulog na ako, kaya tinanghali na ng gising, hehe.

Anyway, I want to vote for my blogger friends in The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2009 but I only have less than 5 on my list, pwede kaya yun? I haven’t been bloghopping lately kasi kaya wala akong ibang nakikilalang new blogger that I could vote/nominate.

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