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My 93-year-old Grandfather

Me and Sean, with my 93-year-old grandfather when we visited him at the hospital. He’s already blind, he had cataract and glaucoma ages ago. He’s also half deaf, you have to talk near his ears so he could fully understand you. I promised to visit him and celebrate his 94th birthday on April 2012.

8 thoughts on “My 93-year-old Grandfather

  1. Hi Francis, regret rad aout your grandpa. Its always sad when at that age unable to see.
    You take care of him, with yours and Sean’s love he feels good.
    You look very nice in pic, son too.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  2. It is always a great fun when we are with our grandparents specially when we are adult..When they told the stories of their age always give some experience to live the life..When we are in childhood we have lots of time to spare with our grandparents and always forcing them to tell a story of angels.But when we are adult we have no time for our grandparents,this what i do not spend some time with your grandmom/grandpop it is not the wasting of time but it is a time for learning something from them..

  3. That’s nice, visiting your grandparents. Although it’s sad to hear about his disabilities, but it’s remarkable that he still looks well at that age. Not many people get to reach that point in their lives nowadays.

    I’m sure he’s happy to know that many people still cares for him. 🙂

  4. Ang galing talaga ng mga naunang matatanda kasi umaabot sa ganyang age. My Lolo is also half-dead and half-blind na rin. Narerecognize na lang nya kami sa boses namin. I should ask my sister kung ilang taon na siya.

  5. It always feel good to see old people loved by their grandchildren, My ma and pa died on their 50’s and when I saw your post, na miss ko na sila. Give them the utmost care and love, yan lang ang kailangan nila, no material things can compensate it.

  6. Like someone else said above, you’re lucky to still have your grandfather. I lost both my grandfathers while I was in my mid-teens. I was never able to meet my great grand parents either. My mom says I met my great grand mother when I was very young but I can’t even remember it.